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March 21, 2017

रवीश कुमार – न्‍यूज एंकर इस वक्‍त का सबसे बड़ा गुंडा

पत्रकारिता का अवार्ड पाकर पत्रकारों पर ही बरसे रवीश कुमार, कहा- न्‍यूज एंकर इस वक्‍त का सबसे बड़ा गुंडा रवीश ने तंज भरे लहजे में कहा कि ‘पत्रकारिता पर कोई खतरा नहीं है, पत्रकार मौज में हैं और विकल्प की जगह… Continue Reading →

PM Modi and BJP – Tweeting up the votes

In the recent polls, PM Modi used social media in ways that flattened out the political terrain  by Pamela Philipose | On the polling day of every phase, Modi unfailingly tweeted that everybody must vote. PTI PhotoThat silvery, almost spectral,… Continue Reading →

Kerala to be first state in the country to have National Emergency Response System

  The single emergency number would be 112. TNM Staff × The NERS system was proposed by the Indian government in the aftermath of the 2012 Nirbhaya rape case in Delhi. If the state executes it as planned, Kerala could… Continue Reading →

Ram Mandir in Ayodhya soon? SC offers to mediate, seeks urgent hearing next week

The Ram Mandir issue in Ayodhya may be sorted out soon. The Supreme Court has asked BJP MP Subramaniam Swamy to mention the matter on or before March 31. By: FE Online | SC has intervened in the Ram Mandir… Continue Reading →

Monsanto helped write cancer studies on Roundup, emails indicate

By Allen Cone   | Roundup, made by Monsanto, is the best-selling weed killer in the world. Farmers and others have filed a lawsuit in federal court in San Francisco, claiming Monsanto failed to warn that exposure to Roundup could cause… Continue Reading →

WSS Statement condemning Dalit Researcher Muthukrishnan’s suicide in JNU

When equality is denied everything is denied On the 13th of March 2017, Muthukrishnan Jeevanathnan also known as Rajini Krish, a Dalit research scholar in JNU committed suicide by hanging himself. His death and his writings when he was alive… Continue Reading →

PIL filed against Kamal Haasan for his remarks on Mahabharata

Actor-filmmaker Kamal Haasan told a Tamil channel in an interview that in the Mahabharata, Panchali was used as a pawn while the men gambled and that she was used as a collateral. A Public Interest Litigation (PIL) has been filed… Continue Reading →

Nepal Watchdog Orders “Monarchy and Hindu State” Removed from Party Statute

  SOMAN VIA WIKIMEDIA COMMONS. Ever since the Nepalese monarchy was abolished some nine years ago by the Nepalese Constituent Assembly in May of 2008, the Government of Nepal has operated as a secular federal republic, although a formal constitution… Continue Reading →

A ‘new India’ where fringe is the mainstream

  Yogi Adityanath‘s appointment as the leader of Uttar Pradesh reconfirms Indian Muslims’ anxieties about Modi’s India. Narendra Modi, left, Uttar Pradesh governor Ram Naik and Yogi Adityanath, right, greet a gathering before Adityanath takes an oath as the new… Continue Reading →

India – Religious symbol war between two villages touches a new high

CHENNAI: Turf war over which religious symbol should adorn a hillock along Chengalpattu highway has fuelled a communal clash between caste Hindus and Dalit Christians of two neighbouring villages in Chengalpet 50 km from the city. The hillock bordering these villages… Continue Reading →

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