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October 1, 2017

Gujarat: Tribal woman dies, four critical after ‘torture for witchcraft’

The five were branded with a hot iron rod on their hands and other body parts and made to walk on burning charcoal, after which they collapsed and were taken home by their family members. | Surat | It all… Continue Reading →

Rajasthan- Dalit women Branded witches, and dragged to hell #WTFnews

Mohammed Iqbal JAIPUR, SEPTEMBER 30, 2017 21:28 IST Illustration: R. Rajesh Dalit women in Rajasthan are being hunted by ‘bhopa’ sorcerers, who exploit superstitions on health When a 75-year-old woman, labelled a witch by an influential Jat family and locked up… Continue Reading →

Retired Indian Army officer Served With an Illegal Migrant Notice #WTFnews

“Humiliating” Sobs Ex-Army Officer Served With an Illegal Migrant Notice in Assam ABDUL GANI GUWAHATI: Azmal Haque, a 49 year old retired Indian Army officer, is proud to have served the nation for 30 years. But little did he know… Continue Reading →

Dalits in Karnataka village face social boycott over naming of Circle after Ambedkar #WTFnews

Members of the Dalit community allege that they have been denied access to water, electricity, and even groceries from local stores. Theja Ram For almost a month, Dalits in a remote village in Karnataka’s Bijapur district, have allegedly not been… Continue Reading →

India – Why are we silent on the grave threat to Prof Kancha Illaiah

  Peoples Voice Vidya Bhushan Rawat Radical Humanist, political analyst and human rights activist While it is nobody’s suggestion that India was a tolerant land some three years back and suddenly has developed the intolerance but none can deny the… Continue Reading →

Savitri’s revenge: The story of how this ‘antharjanam’ shook the imperfect world of Namboodiri men

Manu S. Pillai She was an antharjanam, meant to live pure and tame. But she was a lover of pleasure and she threw open her doors to all men This is a real story from 1905, of Kuriyedathu Thatri, a… Continue Reading →

India – “There Are a Lot of Newtons Among Election Officials”

  Perceptive and mordant, Newton is one of the most thought-provoking Hindi films in recent times. It chronicles the efforts of a resolutely sincere election official (played by Rajkummar Rao) to oversee polling in a Maoist-affected constituency in Chhattisgarh, as… Continue Reading →

Lesson from Banaras

Saba Naqvi The BU V-C’s misogynistic views reveal that while the politics of the right in India may be successful, there is no sterling intellectual talent that can be chosen from this tradition I have a hysterical interview recorded in… Continue Reading →

India – Panic of the Patriarch

Urvashi Butalia Why men clinging to euphemisms like `a simple case of eve-teasing’ and `a feeble no’ may be a sign that they’re frightened of women who are fighting back The patriarchs are in a panic in India. Wheth er… Continue Reading →

Criticism isn’t hatred, PM Modi is not an underdog: Response to ‘Hate-Modi industry’ piece

One wonders who wants to criticise someone for the heck of it and receive death threats on social media? Raksha Kumar As I slumped down on my chair on Friday, waiting to finish work and dive into the weekend, Rahul… Continue Reading →

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