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November 1, 2017

It was a nightmare to appear for PSC exams as a transwoman: Anu Bose

Deepa Soman   …says Anu Bose, who recently won a legal case to write the exam as a transgender Kochi-based Anu Bose was an excellent student at school and college. She completed her M.Sc from a science and technology institute… Continue Reading →

SC for decriminalisation of politics, asks Centre to constitute special courts for cases against MPs, MLAs

The Supreme Court also asked Centre to apprise how many of 1,581 cases involving MPs and MLAs, as per 2014 data, have been disposed of within one year. The apex court told the government that decriminalisation of politics has to be done and… Continue Reading →

Sexual Harassment: 4 Psychological Traits of Perpetrators #Vaw

From Clarence Thomas to basically all of Uber to Harvey Weinstein, sexual harassment is as rampant as it is repugnant. This week, Savvy Psychologist Dr. Ellen Hendriksen examines the psychology of sexual harassment. By Ellen Hendriksen, PhD, Savvy Psychologist In… Continue Reading →

90% disabled Prof G . N Saibaba from Jail – ‘I am living like an animal taking its last breaths’

In Nagpur Central Jail’s ‘Anda Cell’ languishes a 90% disabled, ailing, professor, sentenced to life imprisonment for Maoist links, reports Jyoti Punwani. Illustration: Uttam Ghosh/ As the harsh Nagpur winter approaches, the inhabitants of the city’s Central Jail brace for… Continue Reading →

Kerala – How Re-Thinking Poverty & Gender Changed 5 Million Lives

  Today, nearly 5 million women are a part of Kudumbashree, making it the world’s largest women empowerment project. And all this in a state one-tenth the size of California. by Vishaka George The countryside of Thrissur is paddy rich and… Continue Reading →

One Pollutant Alone Killed 5 Lakh Indians In 2015: Lancet

A study by the medical journal Lancet said the leading killer in India was household pollution. Burning ‘dirty’ solid fuel for cooking releases the pollutant PM2.5, leading to premature deaths  by Nimisha Jaiswal | Pollution from factories, coal power plant emissions and transport are… Continue Reading →

India – 40 percent seats on Mumbai-Ahmedabad trains go vacant: RTI reply

Moneylife Digital Team As the Narendra Modi government proceeds with the grandiose plans for a Bullet Train between Mumbai and Ahmedabad, a RTI query has revealed that over 40 percent of seats on all the trains on this sector go… Continue Reading →

Kathputli, Artist’s Colony Demolished In Delhi: Thousands Rendered Homeless, Death Of Democracy

by Ankit Jha— October 31, 2017 In the two days demolition drive by Delhi Development Authority (DDA) in assistance with Delhi Police demolished more than 1000 houses at Kathputli Colony, in West Delhi on October 30th and October 31st 2017. During… Continue Reading →

Haryana education dept asks teachers to work as priests #WTFnews

The order, issued by the state education department, asked teachers to perform religious duties during the Kapal Mochan Mela. Haryana Chief Minister M L Khattar said the order has not been issued by the government. Photo: PTI.   An order… Continue Reading →

Let ‘No one killed Sikhs’ be our banner for every anniversary of 1984

It’s time to put an end to the illusory probes. HARMEET SHAH SINGH Let’s conclude Sikhs looted their own properties, burned them down and slashed, bludgeoned and immolated themselves in the days after the assassination of the then prime minister,… Continue Reading →

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