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November 5, 2017

Has Politicisation Cost Workers Their Lives? NTPC Chairman Appointed by PM Against Set Procedure

THE CITIZEN BUREAU  LUCKNOW: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath seems to have distanced himself from the accident in Rae Bareilly’s National Thermal Power Corporation by not visiting the spot, with fingers in Lucknow now pointing directly at New Delhi, and… Continue Reading →

The Great Oil Robbery of Barmer

Salik Ahmed, Danish Raza n Over a period of five years, an uncle­nephew duo allegedly stole 50 million litres of crude oil from the country’s largest onshore oil field in Rajasthan. This is how they pulled off the staggering… Continue Reading →

Ravish Kumar’s magnificent obsession with universities

The NDTV India anchor has been exposing in relentless and riveting detail the shameful state of India’s universities JYOTI PUNWANI has been engrossed Saket college in Ayodhya, 60 teachers short of requirement   HERE’S LOOKING AT  US Jyoti  Punwani It… Continue Reading →

How Urmila Pawar broke the barriers of caste and patriarchy armed with only words

LYogesh Maitreya Editor’s note: Under the norms of the caste system, Dalits were denied the pen. Before the advent of Dalit literature in India, much of Dalit history was oral in nature. Their lives were not available to them in… Continue Reading →

Life-threatening problems with the way Aadhaar is being forced down the throats of the most vulnerable

If Jharkhand goes hungry, New Delhi must know why By Santwana Bhattacharya  | NEW DELHI: Amid controversial reports of hunger deaths inJharkhand due to PDS beneficiaries being turned away, economist Jean Dreze says that even official records show that a significant proportion… Continue Reading →

Gujarat Model: A Corrupt Government from Top to Bottom

The rise of Adani’s business empire coincides with the ascent of Narendra Modi, which can be a text book example of crony capitalism. Prudhviraj Rupawat With the Election Commission announcing that elections for Gujarat Assembly will be held on 9… Continue Reading →

Savitri Devi: The mystical fascist being resurrected by the alt-right

Image copyrightSAVITRI DEVI ARCHIVE In today’s Magazine The lonely death of Delhi’s jungle prince My life as an al-Qaeda hostage I met a homeless addict and recognised my childhood friend Sweden’s mystery illness Savitri Devi, a mystical admirer of Hitler… Continue Reading →

Meet the incredible woman breaking taboos on sexual health and building a more inclusive Muslim community

The best thing a male ally can do is to hand over the mic to a woman. There is absolutely no excuse for all male panels – or for male allies speaking for women. By Yasmin Irfani Attribution: Courtesy of Nadiah Mohajir… Continue Reading →

One year of #DeMonetisation – Parody- Baar Baar Fenko is going viral

Sticky post

  A small parody, dedicated to the biggest parody ever in India…Celebrating 1 Year of ‘demon’etisation – We are Happy to give this to you, so that you shall sing this on streets, schools and wherever you are on 8th… Continue Reading →

India – After a Year, Why Cash is still King ?

Why cash is still king Ahead of the first anniversary of demonetisation, Mirror checks into four `cashless’ villages across the country to sift fact from fiction One of the central government’s many stat ed (and often shift ing) objectives of… Continue Reading →

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