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June 17, 2018

Pune – A Year Old Baby Raped, Smashed to the Ground #WTFnews

The body of the missing girl was found nearby in the early hours on Friday. A medical examination revealed she was sexually assaulted before her head was smashed against the ground. Pune: A 22-year-old man allegedly abducted and raped a one-year-old… Continue Reading →

Why I am resigning from BJP- Shivam Shankar Singh

Shivam Shankar Singh Political discourse is at it’s lowest point in the country, at least in my lifetime. The partisanship bias is unbelievable and people continue to support their side no matter what the evidence, there is no remorse even… Continue Reading →

All-women Dalit musical band in Bihar has a packed wedding season ahead

  File photo of Sargam Band | @kumarmanish9 / Twitter   The ‘Sargam Band’ has 10 women in their 30s – all from Dhibra village in Danapur near Patna. Patna: A musical band formed by a group of Dalit women is… Continue Reading →

The “Letter”:(or Letters!?) that Discloses the #PlotToKillPM Modi- Disturbing Implications

  By- Sukla Sen   In order to make sense of the issue on the table, let us first try to arrange the events in (rough) chronological order   Here’s a news report carried by the ToI, June 6 web… Continue Reading →

Arundhati Roy: ‘The point of the writer is to be unpopular’

The acclaimed author and activist answers questions from our readers and famous fans on the state of modern India, the threat of AI, and why sometimes only fiction can fully address the world by Tim Lewis Arundhati Roy does not believe… Continue Reading →

The storm brewing in India’s cotton fields

Bt-cotton occupies 90 per cent of the land under cotton in India – and the pests that this GM variety was meant to safeguard against, are back, virulently and now pesticide-resistant – destroying crops and farmers Jaideep Hardikar   The… Continue Reading →

India – Anger of the jobless youth

Rakesh Kalshian   Their frustrations in an unjust world can take various expressions—a fidayeen in Iraq, a stone pelter in Kashmir, a mercenary in Saudi Arabia, a rabid gaurakshak (cow protector) in India or a hedonist in Shanghai  Paintings: Raj Kumar… Continue Reading →

#SundayReading – So Many ‘Strong Women’ Movies, So Few Women Writing Them…

How does Indian cinema fare in terms of female representation? And how much does it have to do with the serious lack of female writers being included? How do Indian films portray women? Especially, the ones that have done really… Continue Reading →

#SundayReading – Urmila Pawar’s Short Story ‘ Pain’ #mustread

Urmila Pawar is one of the most successful contemporary writers in Marathi. Her autobiography, “The Weave of My Life”, and a history of Dalit women’s movements, “We Also Made History”, are important contributions to contemporary Indian writing. I’LL have a… Continue Reading →

How the Citizenship Bill is reopening old wounds in the Northeast

A return to ethnic politics that feeds off fears of being ‘swamped by Bengalis’ will be disastrous. By Samrat | A visit to Assam and Meghalaya by members of a Joint Parliamentary Committee examining the contentious draft Citizenship (Amendment) Bill of 2016… Continue Reading →

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