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July 6, 2018

Open Letter to Mumbai Mirror on Aadhaar Public Hearing

The report in Mumbai Mirror on 1 July titled Did Police stop the Aadhaar hearing? had many wrong 1. The venue was wrongly stated as corporate office; it was the Peasants and Workers Party office 2. Ramu Ramanathan was misquoted as saying, Permission… Continue Reading →

Punjab – Dalit movement to embrace Dravidian identity

JALANDHAR: When E V Ramaswamy started the Self Respect Movement or the Dravidian movement in Tamil Nadu in 1925, it was as much ‘anti-North India’ and ‘anti-Hindi’ as it was about fighting the caste system and superstition and inculcating self-respect among… Continue Reading →

India – Political Silence Over Lynchings is Sanction by Another Means

The sheer frequency of the lynchings staggers the mind while the saner elements shudder at the prospects of India relapsing into medieval barbarism. Chandan Nandy Over the past four years, parts of India have begun to resemble the lawless south… Continue Reading →

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