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July 17, 2018

India and Fascinating Manu

It is easy to see the linkages between Manu, Nietzsche, Hitler and the worldview of Hindutva supremacism Subhash Gatade Manu and his ‘magnum opus’ Manusmriti keeps hogging headlines in the 21st century as well. Thanks to the fascination it still holds among… Continue Reading →

Jharkhand – Activist Swami Agnivesh Attacked Allegedly By BJP Workers #WTFnews

I am against any sort of violence. I don’t know why I was attacked,” Swami Agnivesh told NDTV   JHARKHAND: Social Activist Swami Agnivesh was thrashed allegedly by BJP Yuva Morcha workers in Jharkhand today. The alleged BJP workers had shown… Continue Reading →

Remembering Karamchedu: The brutal massacre which spurred Andhra’s Dalit movement

The 1985 episode was a brutal assault on the Madigas of a village, resulting in the death of six men and rape of three girls. Pavan Korada One way of marking history is by the anniversaries of events of injustice,… Continue Reading →

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