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October 14, 2018

Bangalore – Noted artist accused in public over child abuse #MeToo

Bangalore Mirror Bureau |  By: Durba Ghosh The showdown took place at an event in Metro venue There was something crackling in the air at the Rangoli Metro Art Centre around 11 am on Saturday. John Devaraj, award-winning art director, sculptor,… Continue Reading →

Filmmaker Nishtha Jain accuses Journalist Vino Dua of stalking, sexual harassment #MeToo

Vinod Dua faces #MeToo heat: Vinod Dua, who works as a consulting editor at The Wire Hindi and currently anchors The Wire’s ‘Jan Gan Man Ki Baat’, has been accused of stalking and sexually harassing a woman filmmaker. Taking to… Continue Reading →

India – #Aadhaar is useless for identification’

DIVYA TRIVEDI . Interview with Anupam Saraph, an expert on governance and informatics. AN expert on complex systems, governance and informatics, Anupam Saraph advises governments and businesses across the world. A teacher and former IT Adviser to Goa Chief Minister… Continue Reading →

India – Central university teachers allege ‘gag order’

Vikas Pathak University Grants Commission office in New Delhi. File   | Photo Credit: The Hindu With government service rules kicking in, they can’t bring out publications taking a critical view of policies. Writings of eminent academics taking a critical view… Continue Reading →

Why Was Article 355 Not Invoked During Gujarat Riots, Asks Ex V-P Hamid Ansari

  Former Vice-President of India Hamid Ansari. — File photo Caravan News NEW DELHI — While speaking at the launch of a book — ‘The Sarkari Mussalman’ by Lt General (Retired) Zameer Uddin Shah, in New Delhi, Mr Hamid Ansari, former… Continue Reading →

Documentray reveals Sangh Parivar behind Kandhamal Violence, innocent christians faurdulently framed

  Delhi Minorities Commission demands justice for the 7 innocent  Christians languishing in jail for last 10 years and said real culprits be punished. Ghazanfar Abbas | Caravan Daily NEW DELHI — Concerned over the plight of seven Christians languishing in jail… Continue Reading →

Mumbai- Activists speak out against ‘undeclared emergency’

Ajeet Mahale Sagar Gonsalves, son of Vernon Gonsalves.Supreet Sapkal Relatives of arrested activists address people’s convention About 500 people took part in the People’s Convention Against Undeclared Emergency organised by groups working for the rights of women, Dalits, and against… Continue Reading →

Statement By Feminist Groups & Individuals On The Going #MeToo Wave In India

How Much More Must Survivors Do? Feminist Groups & Individuals Stand In Solidarity With #MeToo In The Media & Film Industries It’s almost a year now since the #MeToo hashtag broke through whisper networks on sexual harassment and initiated a worldwide movement…. Continue Reading →

India- 87-yr-old tells her village she’s alive with blank sheet of paper Dharamshala: Kaushalya Devi could just be the loneliest old woman in the country. Every day at dusk, the 87-year-old sticks a sheet of blank paper, painstakingly and neatly folded, in the window of her crumbling house in Jaladi village,… Continue Reading →

What the good guys need to know about #MeToo — yes, it’s #YouToo

AMULYA GOPALAKRISHNAN A revolution is not a runaway train, the philosopher Walter Benjamin famously observed, it is the emergency brake. It is the status quo that is painful, daily life is the crisis. After Raya Sarkar’s list of sexual harassers… Continue Reading →

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