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Day January 16, 2020

Mystery Document Raises Questions Over Citizenship Drive In Uttar Pradesh

Officials in the district administration told NDTV they had started surveying people last month, even before the bill was notified, on the basis of an unsigned, unmarked, undated document. by A Mariyam Alavi It is estimated that there are around 32,000… Continue Reading →

As Killer Robots Loom, Demands Grow to Keep Humans in Control of Use of Force

Mary Wareham Advocacy Director, Arms Divisionmarywareham In 2020, you should be watching for… growing international rejection of “killer robots”—weapons that would kill without meaningful human control—and increasing calls for a new treaty to preemptively ban them. Allowing machines to select and target… Continue Reading →

How Caste Impacts Migration And Its Benefits

Priyansha Singh, Chitra Rawat January 16, 2020 Mumbai: Poverty and lack of opportunity in their hometowns drove 93 million Indians from disadvantaged castes and tribes in 2011 to migrate to other areas within their states in the hope of securing education or… Continue Reading →

Haal to bure hain, phir bhi dil hai -Hindustani- Rap Song Blasts Regime Brutality

‘ANDOLAN’: Rap Song Blasts Regime Brutality “Haal to bure hain, phir bhi dil hai hindustani,” is a line that repeats multiple times in a rap song titled ANDOLAN, released on December 23, 2019. Written and performed by Delhi-based hip hop artist… Continue Reading →

Right-wing ideologues’ new assertion: There’s ‘nothing Indian’ about Constitution

By Rajiv ShahThere was a time when we used to reject the Indian Constitution as “bourgeois”. Those were the student days of early 1970s. Vigorous, youthful, though controversial. At that time, I used to be part of the Students Federation… Continue Reading →

India – Whither Educational Institutions?

by Sandeep Pandey — January 15, 2020 Educational Institutions are meant to be places of learning and authorities managing them are expected to provide a liberal space where diversity of ideas can exist. Of course, this ideal is present at very few places… Continue Reading →

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