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Day January 21, 2020

‘Arvind Has His Heart in The Right Place’: Kejriwal’s Former Top Adversary Najeeb Jung is Now a Fan

But three years after Jung left his post, he looks to have put any hostility behind him. Sitting down for a chat with News18, the former IAS officer praised the work done by the Kejriwal-led AAP government and said the… Continue Reading →

Watch Testimonies of UP People’s Tribunal on State Action : Citizenship, Democracy and Protest

16th January 2020 | Indian Society of International Law, Delhi | 10:30 am – 6:30 pm Introduction As peaceful protests were organized around the country against the CAA, NRIC and the NPR, the state of Uttar Pradesh stands out for… Continue Reading →

Hatred and Hate Speeches: Achilles Heel of India in 2019

Irfan Engineer, Neha Dabhade, Suraj Nair Centre for Study of Society and Secularism annually brings out a report on communal violence in India. This report on communal violence in 2019 is divided in three parts. The last article discussed the… Continue Reading →

Why not Inlude Muslims ? Law cannot be implemented through threats: BJP Leader and Netaji’s Grandnephew Chandra Kumar Bose on Citizenship Act

Chandra Kumar Bose’s dissent comes at a time when the BJP is going all out in support of the newly-enacted law and took out a support march in West Bengal on Monday. File photo of Chandra Kumar Bose. (Image: ANI)… Continue Reading →

Muzaffarpur shelter rape Scale of abuse shocked us: TISS team member

Qayam Masumi of the audit team that blew the lid off bone-chilling horrors at the Bihar home says the children were too afraid to speak up and used sign language to communicate Rahi.Gaikwadmirrorfeedback@timesgroup.comTWEETS @MumbaiMirror Two years after the TISS team… Continue Reading →

Land Diverted For Mining, Agriculture Inflates India’s Total Forest Area

Rishika Pardikar January 21, 2020 Bengaluru: As much as 29.5% of land classified as forests in India’s government records does not have any forest cover, according to the India State of Forest Report (ISFR), 2019. Some of these lands have been diverted for… Continue Reading →

Listening to Voices: How Kabul Became “Heroine” of a Book

As protests against CAA-NRC push back on Modi government’s monolithic idea of India, a new book about walking in Kabul shows us how we might complicate and disrupt ideas about a place.Meher Ali 20 Jan 2020 Taran N Khan is a Mumbai-based… Continue Reading →

Dangerous little things- An account of turning political

by Annie Zaidi MY GRANDFATHER WAS once in jail. As a kid, I’d pronounce this with a little flush of pride. My grandpa! Way back in 1941. As a young man, my maternal grandfather became involved with student politics and wrote rousing poems,… Continue Reading →

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