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Day March 10, 2020

Bubberjung Trisuli Venkatesh-The lion inside the sedition circus

Sugata Srinivasaraju BENGALURU : It has been two-years-and-six-months since Gauri Lankesh, activist and editor of a Kannada weekly, was killed. In the eyes of her assassins, she was a symbol of dissent who frequently crossed the line for two decades—ever since… Continue Reading →

‘Republic In Peril’: 32 journalists attacked on basis of Religion, Place of Work in Delhi alone

The recently released report by the Committee Against Assault on Journalists documents a total of 32 cases of various types of Assaults on Journalists in Delhi after the anti-CAA protests began Freedom of Press is in danger these days across… Continue Reading →

Delhi Riots – I Visited Nine Broken Mosques and Then I Gave Up

The scenes of destruction in the mosques of riot-scarred north-east Delhi have a Taliban-esque quality to them.Ajaz Ashraf 09 Mar 2020 Chand Baba’s Mazaar is still burnt-up on the outside. Stories from the past began to haunt me as I hopped… Continue Reading →

Why Do We Say No to Holi? A Guide To Challenge Casteism

Equality Labs As the struggles against white supremacy and settler colonialism have shown us, releasing the myths that reinforce systems of oppression are the first steps to liberation. If you are serious about caste abolition, and the rights of South… Continue Reading →

Framed for being Kashmiri Muslims, says family of couple arrested for IS links

The family of the Srinagar couple arrested on Sunday from south Delhi for alleged links with the Islamic State-Khorasan Province (ISKP) and instigating protests against the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) said on Monday that the two are being framed. ©… Continue Reading →

Political Parties Received Over Rs 11,000 Crore , BJP’s income from ‘unknown sources’ 1.5 times more than other parties: ADR:

The income from unknown sources refers to the funds declared in the Income Tax Returns without naming the source for donations below Rs 20,000. An Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) report has said that during fiscal 2018-19, BJP declared Rs… Continue Reading →

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