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Day March 11, 2020

India – Over 400 manual scavengers die cleaning filth but not a single conviction

Shemin Joy, DHNS,  MAR 10 2020, 15:06PM IST They live in the fringes of the society, clean filth and die, but do not get justice even in death: this is the story government statistics tell. Over 400 people from marginalised communities have… Continue Reading →

Coronavirus: Ten Reasons Why You Ought Not to Panic

Colorised scanning electron micrograph of MERS virus particles (yellow) both budding and attached to the surface of infected VERO E6 cells (blue). Credit: NIAID

We are the people who swallow fire: a personal account of what Internet restoration means in Kashmir

on March 11, 2020 Sabreena Gul Too little too late happened last week, and it is expected of us that these crumbs thrown at us should fill us with exuberation. Seven months after that fateful day in August, we were reintroduced… Continue Reading →

Srilankan Tamil women fighting for land 10 years after war ended

Dozens have been protesting for the past three years, demanding army return their land confiscated during the civil war.5 hours ago Chandraleela Jasinthan was a school teacher in a northern Sri Lankan village when, in the last days of the… Continue Reading →

Women across Mexico participate in ‘Day Without Us’ protests #VaW

 MEXICO CITY AMERICAS MAR 10, 2020 12:03 PM Women mostly stayed off Mexico City’s streets Monday as part of a protest against the country’s soaring rate of gender-based violence. The “Day Without Us” strike was staged to highlight the more than 1,000 women… Continue Reading →

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