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Day March 12, 2020

Algerian women embrace a spirit of resilience and revolution

A new generation of Algerian women are finding inspiration in female freedom fighters from the country’s past. by Rym Bendimerad A year ago, Algerian newspaper El Watan published a message delivered by one of the country’s best-known revolutionary figures, Djamila Bouhired:… Continue Reading →

More than 200 organizations in adopting the Feminist Declaration- 25 years after Beijing Declaration

AN alternative to the political declaration that outlines the steps necessary to achieve gender equality.   Read the Feminist Declaration here.  Twenty five years after the adoption of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action, the foundational global document on gender equality,… Continue Reading →

How can the human rights community respond to severe political polarization ?

Severe political polarization is tearing at the seams of democracies around the world, with dangerous consequences for our societies, institutions, and human rights. By: James Logan Español | Français Around the world, human rights violations appear to be spiking, activists are under attack, and governments… Continue Reading →

Bhima Koregaon: Report Finds Rona Wilson’s Hard Disk was Allegedly Tampered

With the NIA court hearing slated for March 13, the disk in question is vital since it allegedly contains incriminatory evidence, according to Pune Police, who claimed it had a letter ‘detailing a plot’ to assassinate PM Modi.Newsclick Report 12 Mar… Continue Reading →

We need strong public health care to contain the global corona pandemic

By Wim De Ceukelaire and Chiara Bodini[1] The corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak has spread from China to over a hundred countries in less than two months. As of March 10th, confirmed cases were above 100.000 and deaths over 4.000. Now… Continue Reading →

‘They stole my womb’: Doctors mislead thousands of women to get their uterus removed

By Kundan Pandey Last Updated: Thursday 12 March 2020 It was intriguing that Vandana Khandale, a traditional sugarcane cutter in Maharashtra’s Beed district, was sitting at home in January, the peak time for sugarcane harvesting. “I have developed severe joint pain… Continue Reading →

Prof Sharon Bhatt -On being heckled at a health Technology Conference for her paper on biased selection of patient advocates involved in Canada’s main HTA agency.

Sharon Batt Published online on March 11, 2020 This article uses my experience of being heckled by patient advocates at a health technology conference in Canada as a springboard for discussing the politics of health technology assessment (HTA). While HTA… Continue Reading →

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