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Day May 7, 2020

Ensure support for tribal and forest communities affected due to COVID 19 outbreak and the Lockdown

Forest Rights groups, researchers and experts write to MoTA to take urgent steps to ensure support for tribal and forest communities affected due to Covid 19 outbreak and the Lockdown On Monday May 4, a group of civil society organisations,… Continue Reading →

Statement Demanding Immediate release of Dr. Kafeel Khan, Pediatrician arrested by the UP government

We, the undersigned, are a group of academicians, activists, researchers, doctors, lawyers who are deeply concerned about growing communalisation in India, which is adversely affecting people’s livelihoods, right to food, right to health and leading to social and economic boycotts,… Continue Reading →

Mazhabi Sikhs say struggle for land rights ensured survival during COVID-19 lockdown

PRABHJIT SINGH06 May 2020 Paramjeet Kaur, a middle-aged Dalit woman, lost her husband a few years ago and raises two children on her own. Landless and at the mercy of the landlords of Balad Kalan, a village in the Sangrur… Continue Reading →

COVID-19 and ‘Aarogya Setu’: Gateway to an Orwellian State? Legally Challenged #SaveOurPrivacy

Noida authorities order of criminally prosecuting people who do not have Aarogya Setu Legally Challenged Earlier today we facilitated a legal challenge to the Noida Authorities to revoke the mandatory imposition of Aarogya Setu under a threat of criminal imprisonment…. Continue Reading →

Combating the Toxic #Lockeroom Culture

Toxic masculinity starts young,” Swara Bhasker tweeted on Tuesday, referring to the Instagram group Bois Locker Room, that’s been trending on Twitter since May 3. A proof of just how young toxic masculinity starts, the group consists of mostly teenaged… Continue Reading →

Covid-19 and domestic violence- Twin public health emergencies

Rakhi Ghoshal While a virus is hardly “choosy” in finding a host, the consequences of government responses to a pandemic, such as to Covid-19, have deep implications for those already-marginalised, such as women and girls. In the absence of a… Continue Reading →

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