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Day June 14, 2020

Urgent Appeal to Save the Life of A Young Political Activist Struggling With Cancer

Friends, Sanjay Kumar, associated with Bigul Mazdoor Dasta and Naujawan Bharat Sabha is to undergo a major surgery for intestinal cancer in Mumbai next week. The seven months long struggle to save his life, which couldn’t have been possible without… Continue Reading →

Covid 19 -Vigorous testing, equal healthcare for all: Bombay HC

/ Updated: Jun 14, 2020, 06:00 IST Increasing public healthcare budget was high on the court’s listBench disposes of Covid-19 petitions but lists numerous measures to fight the pandemicThe Bombay High Court on Friday disposed of numerous public interest litigations pertaining to… Continue Reading →

Maharashtra – Covid testing rates charged by private laboratories slashed to Rs 2800

Jun 14, 2020, 06:00 IST More than two lakh people have been tested for Covid-19 in the city so far ()Cost of a test for which swab sample is collected from home is down to Rs 2,800 from Rs 4,500In a big… Continue Reading →

Covid-19 to ‘push out’ 20% children from schools, universalisation a distant dream

According to The Right to Education (RTE) Forum,on the occasion of the World Day Against Child Labour (June 12) has estimated that up to 20% children, are likely to be “pushed out” from the education system resulting in a huge… Continue Reading →

‘Whataboutery’ will not work in Covid times

Feeling socially distanced? Blaming past/ other governments for all present ills may cut less ice than before By – Indrajit Hazra Even before the listlessness of the lucky hit some of us prior to lockdown being eased, a friend and… Continue Reading →

Mumbai Pushes For More Coastal Construction Despite Climate Warnings

Disha Shetty, Pankhuri Kumar June 13, 2020 Navi Mumbai: On June 3, 2020, as 10 teams of the National Disaster Response Force stood in readiness across Maharashtra, Cyclone Nisarga made landfall south of Mumbai. To avert any medical crisis, 150 COVID-19 patients had been moved to more secure locations. For hours,… Continue Reading →

‘सरकारी कोरोना’

by- अल्लाम अशरफ़ कितना बड़ा सबक़ है दे रहा कोरोना,आदमी को है ज़रूरी इंसानियत न खोना… अदना से एक वायरस दिखलाया हक़ीक़त ज़मीनी,इंसानी ज़िंदगी है या सरकारी खेल कोई घिनौना… अफ़सर हो या हो नौकर, मज़दूर, पूँजीपति हो,भूखे को मिले… Continue Reading →

Mass Migration in Covid Lockdown-Exodus Constitutionalism

 Upendra Baxi Migrant workers walk along the railway tracks outside New Delhi on their way home on 13 May 2020 | Amarjeet Kumar Singh Multiple disasters and mass catastrophes have been on display in the migrant crises following the Covid-19… Continue Reading →

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