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Day June 15, 2020

Civil Society in Solidarity With Harsh Mander

STATEMENT We, the undersigned, condemn the manner in which the Delhi Police has mentioned the name of Harsh Mander and other activists, to concoct a ‘chronology’ and create a false narrative about the Delhi riots, in the chargesheet filed by… Continue Reading →

India’s Coronavirus Data Is Infected With Flaws. Numerophobia?

There’s no uniformity in the approach to data collection and more importantly, disease is a stigma that Indians love to hide from their neighbours Jeevan Prakash Sharma,  Siddharth PremkumarJune 2020 So we have a bio-earthquake with shifting epicentres in Covid-19, still… Continue Reading →

Why we have to stop using ‘committed suicide’ ?

Suicide is the “intentional taking of one’s own life.” Evidenced in the mid-1600s, suicide is formed from the Latin sui, “of oneself,” and –cide, a combining form meaning “killing,” seen in other such words as homicide or insecticide. Because suicide is usually seen as a deliberate act, many feel… Continue Reading →

Sushant Singh Rajput: How not to cover a death, starring, Aaj Tak, News Nation, ABP

A quick take on what prime time TV news talked about. New Delhi: Actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s sudden death by suicide was shocking enough, but Hindi news channels stooped to an all-time low while reporting his death. From sensational headlines with… Continue Reading →

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