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Day June 16, 2020

India and China – An out and out Army fiasco

by Bharat Karnad [Confrontation in the high desert] Inattentive to satellite intel, lacking proactive thinking, absent preemptive action and now silk-gloving China’s occupation of Indian territory, the army has to explain this fiasco. What’s the first, most basic, thing the Indian… Continue Reading →

Caste, COVID-19 and Coronavirus Lockdown

Maybe poverty doesn’t have a caste, but everything I’ve seen tells me that wealth certainly does. By Rahul Sonpimple Our elders named our slum Dhammadeep Nagar — the city blessed by the light of Buddha’s Dhamma. The neighboring so-called upper-caste… Continue Reading →

Bombay HC fines educationist Rs5 lakh for seeking free treatment for all Covid-19 patients wtfnews

The court observed it was preposterous to seek such directions at a time when the country is struggling to combat and contain the spread of the coronavirus. MUMBAI Updated: Jun 16, 2020 17:28 IST The Bombay high court has imposed a… Continue Reading →

How Dharavi, Asia’s Largest Slum, Went From Virus Hotspot To Model

Dharavi’s dogged approach to “chase the virus” could be a template for emerging markets across the world, from the favelas of Brazil to shanty towns in South Africa. A strict lockdown and accessible testing was part of Dharavi’s strategy.18 Mumbai’s… Continue Reading →

Chennai -TV actors and siblings Sreedhar and Jaya Kalyani reportedly died by suicide

Popular television actors and siblings, Sreedhar and Jaya Kalyani passed away today in Chennai. Reportedly, died by suicide. In a shocking and heartbreaking piece of news, popular television actors and siblings, Sreedhar and Jaya Kalyani passed away today in Chennai…. Continue Reading →

Sara Hegazy, the pioneering Egyptian LGBT+ activist who was tortured for flying a Pride flag, has died by suicide

EMMA POWYS MAURICE JUNE 15, 2020 Sara Hegazy, an Egyptian LGBT+ activist who was jailed and tortured for raising a Pride flag at a concert, has tragically died by suicide at the age of 30. After being freed from prison, Hegazy was… Continue Reading →

Coca-Cola Company is abusing a national health emergency in the Philippines to attack workers’ rights!

Coca-Cola management in the Philippines is capitalizing on the coronavirus emergency to attack union leaders of the IUF-affiliated FCCU-SENTRO and intimidate their members with dismissals, disciplinary procedures and the use of police power. While workers struggle with strict lockdown measures… Continue Reading →

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