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Day July 4, 2020

Amid Lockdown, Lakhs of Coal Workers Begin 3-Day Strike Against Commercial Mining

Coal production hit after workers rally behind countrywide strike call given by all federations and unions of workers to oppose government’s move to privatise public sector coal mining firms. 02 Jul 2020 New Delhi: All coal sector trade unions and federations began… Continue Reading →

PMCARES Ventilator Maker AgVa Fudged Software To Hide Poor Performance

The allegations come as doctors in two hospitals in Mumbai have refused to use AgVa ventilators. By Samarth Bansal Aman Sethi NEW DELHI — Two former employees at controversial medical startup AgVa Healthcare told HuffPost India that the company manipulated the software… Continue Reading →

Police brutality against vulnerable demands a George Floyd moment in India

Thousands of white people are on the streets of Europe and the US, supporting black people in their demands, saying, “No Justice, No Peace”. Can we hope the Indian majority classes and governments will follow suit? Written by Husain Dalwai , Sameena Dalwai |… Continue Reading →

Aspiring Teacher Faces Terror Charges: Gulfishan Fatima’s Story

When women in her neighbourhood protested against changes in India’s new citizenship law, it caught the imagination of MBA graduate Gulfishan Fatima. She’s been in jail for 84 days, and, despite a seeming lack of evidence, she faces 34 criminal… Continue Reading →

The dame that got it right: Saroj Khan and female sexuality in Hindi films

July 4, 2020,  Sharmistha Gooptu  Female sexuality has always been a tricky thing. While a man’s bare body, bulging muscles or toned abs are fine for display, a woman’s body has had to be just enough clothed and enough bare (and… Continue Reading →

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