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Day July 8, 2020

Police to journalist: Why do you criticise the govt?

Reply: It’s my right. I’m not obliged to answer you    |   Published 08.07.20, 02:51 AM The Supreme Court on Tuesday told veteran journalist Vinod Dua not to answer a second questionnaire sent to him by Himachal Pradesh police in a sedition… Continue Reading →

Shadow of Laxmanpur Bathe on Bihar Election

An unpredictable element has found a new lease of life thanks to the coming Assembly election.Subhash Gatade 08 Jul 2020 The outlawed Ranvir Sena—the private army of upper caste landlords of Bihar—is in the news again. It recently threatened the Bihar… Continue Reading →

Ahmedabad lockdown: 37% poor households didn’t get ration, Dalits, Muslims worst hit

POSTED ON JULY 8, 2020 By Rajiv Shah An authoritative survey, carried out by a group of academics and social workers, among low-income settlements in Ahmedabad during the Narendra Modi-announced Covid-19 lockdown, has said a whopping 37% of the households… Continue Reading →

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