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Day September 18, 2020

Gujarat High Court allows ex-IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt’s plea for physical hearing

Ahmedabad Mirror / Updated: Sep 18, 2020, Sanjiv Bhatt.The ex-IPS officer had filed plea in HC that a courti in Palanpur shouldn’t hear four applications filed by him virtuallyFormer IPS officer Sanjiv Bhatt’s application that a court in Palanpur should not hear four applications filed… Continue Reading →

Mumbai: Drug rehabilitation specialist and ‘psychiatrist’ Dr Yusuf Merchant accused of sexual abuse, including minor’s rape

Dr Yusuf Merchant█ Disturbing testimonies of seven of Dr Yusuf Merchant’s patients given to Maharashtra Medical Council Collective called People Against Rehab Abuse (PARA) brings multiple charges of abuse against celeb doctor The Maharashtra Medical Council (MMC) has received a complaint levelling serious charges… Continue Reading →

The Personal Data Protection Bill 2019: Do you have the Right to be Forgotten from the Internet?

Data, in a way, is the new gold. The pervasiveness of internet and technology into our lives has raised questions on data protection. The right to be forgotten ie. have your information removed from search, has been recognised and accepted… Continue Reading →

COVID-19: After Govt Says no Data on Dead Docs, IMA Publishes List of 382 Doctors demands ‘ Martyr Status ‘

New Delhi: After declaring in Parliament that the government has no data on the number of migrant deaths after the sudden lockdown on March 25, the Narendra Modi government has made another shocking announcement – it has no data on the… Continue Reading →

Wake Up – Slogans Jai Shree Ram, Allah-o-Akbar ‘war cries’ defeating the whole purpose of religion

By Sandeep Pandey, Shivi Saba* What purpose does a religion serve? It serves you the meaning of living a life in the right way. Lately, the sentiment around the religion in our country is undergoing transformation, religion has become a… Continue Reading →

Total disconnect? It’s as if Emperor Nero ‘isn’t aware’ his Rome is burning to ashes

By Prem Verma* We are living in very challenging times. There are problems galore and new ones keep mounting. We have experts in creating situations which spawn fresh problems to face and solve. We are sliding down into an abyss from… Continue Reading →

Tribute to champion of traditional phad irrigation system

Phad, a traditional irrigation management system in Maharashtra, fell into disrepair. Sunil Pote, a development worker revived it, enabling numerous farmers irrigate their lands and increase income Sanjiv Phansalkar Sep 16, 2020 Nashik, Maharashtra The shocking, unexpected demise of Sunil… Continue Reading →

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