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Statement on the escalating threats to Media Freedom

    Mr Narendra Modi is perhaps the first Prime Minister of India to have not held a single press conference, four years at a stretch. This could not however have been unrelated to a series of events that raise… Continue Reading →

Chhattisgarh – This village knows how to feed hungry babies

An NGO in Chhattisgarh is addressing the urgent deficit in nutrition by providing three meals a day to children under three along with daycare Sumita Dhruv’s life revolves around rice — sowing, irrigating, and harvesting it. And yet very… Continue Reading →

Woman Alleges Sexual Harassment By AirAsia Crew

AirAsia India, however, said in a statement that the passenger verbally abused a senior cabin crew member after she was asked to switch off her mobile phone. AirAsia India has denied the charge and said it dealt with the incident… Continue Reading →

DU Prof Saibaba’s Letter From Jail: “I Do Not Think I Will Survive This Winter”

Dr G.N.Saibaba Professor at Delhi University and now in solitary confinement in Nagpur Central Jail has spoken out for help. Disabled, he has been branded a Maoist and sentenced to life imprisonment. The sentencing has been controversial with many who… Continue Reading →

Haryana – Death Threats for Dalit Lawyer and Human Rights Defender – Rajat Kalsan

DEATH THREATS FOR HUMAN RIGHTS LAWYER PL SIGN  PETITON AND SHARE WIDELY   Dalit lawyer and human rights defender, Rajat Kalsan, faces fabricated charges and death threats due to his work defending Dalit communities in Haryana state. Forced to suspend… Continue Reading →

India – ‘Dalits, Muslims must unite to defeat BJP-RSS’

“By 2022, they plan to win majority in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha and then they will launch ‘New India‘ sans the present Constitution,” said Ambedkar, while addressing a public meeting organised by Rashtriya Bahujan Hit Rakshak Samiti. By: Express News… Continue Reading →

Hollywood – Gwyneth Paltrow, Angelina Jolie and Others Say Weinstein Sexually Harassed Them #Vaw

  “This way of treating women ends now,” Ms.Paltrow said as she and other actresses accused the producer of casting-couch abuses. By JODI KANTOR and RACHEL ABRAMS When Gwyneth Paltrow was 22 years old, she got a role that would take her from… Continue Reading →

Bastar Journalist gives Adivasis a Voice

By Jyoti Punwani, Mumbai Mirror | He was warned repeatedly by the police, even detained and stripped, but Bastar journalist Santosh Yadav continued to report from its villages, giving voice to adivasis who had been molested by the security forces during raids,… Continue Reading →

Harassed with death and rape threats ‘Kakkoos’ filmmaker, Divya Bharathi leaves Tamil Nadu for safety

Divya Bharathi met Irom Sharmila after the latter invited her to be her bridesmaid (DNA) G JAGANNATH |  According to people close to Divya, she has left the state as she continued to receive sexist, abusive and threatening phone calls and messages… Continue Reading →

What is Hindu Rashtra ?

What is happening today is a vile attack on the very concept of Indian nationhood that subsumes a wide range of diversity with the intention to replace it with the rabidly intolerant and fascistic Hindu rashtra. By SITARAM YECHURY » An… Continue Reading →

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