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A renewed attack on privacy: #Aadhaar Bill

g MORE-INRight to PrivacyAadhaar and cash transfers The Aadhaar Bill, allowing private bodies to use Aadhaar as a means to authenticate identity, poses huge dangers  On Friday, the Lok Sabha, without any attendant discussion, passed the Aadhaar and Other Laws (Amendment)… Continue Reading →

Maharashtra – 10k farmers face #Aadhaar hurdle to crop insurance payout

₹13 Crore Claims Unpaid In Two Dists By One Co Mumbai: As many as 10,322 farmers with crop insurance claims worth Rs 13 crore due from the United India Insurance Company Ltd (UIIC) in two districts have not got… Continue Reading →

India – 50cr mobiles with #Aadhaar KYC could be disconnected New Delhi: There could be a fresh KYC headache for over 50 crore mobile connections, or almost half of India’s phone population. They stare at the prospect of disconnection if SIM cards procured on the basis of Aadhaar verification… Continue Reading →

India – #Aadhaar is useless for identification’

DIVYA TRIVEDI . Interview with Anupam Saraph, an expert on governance and informatics. AN expert on complex systems, governance and informatics, Anupam Saraph advises governments and businesses across the world. A teacher and former IT Adviser to Goa Chief Minister… Continue Reading →

An Overview of the #Aadhaar Judgment

“Take me as I am – subject to Aadhaar-Based Biometric Authentication”:  by Gautam Bhatia i   The three opinions in today’s Aadhaar judgment run to a total of 1448 pages. It will require more than a single post to examine the judgment in its… Continue Reading →

India -Hope in Dissent #Aadhaarverdict

The Aadhaar judgment is a rushed and ill-thought-out one, and leaves many issues unsettled and unclear. For a case that has been litigated over the last six years, involving 38 days of final hearings, two references to constitution benches, and… Continue Reading →

How Chunni Bai’s death exposes the lie about #Aadhaar

INCLUSION OR EXCLUSION? For millions of poor people, biometric authentication is a harrowing experience NIKHIL DEY & ARUNA ROY On September 27, 2018, a day after the Supreme Court’s Aadhaar judgment, Chunni Bai of Panton Ki Anti, Rajsamand district, Rajasthan died… Continue Reading →

Dissenting voice of Chandrachud leaves door open for challenges #Aadhaar

  Justice Chandrachud differs strongly on several key points in the verdict    Elizabeth RocheRemya Nair   New Delhi: The Supreme Court may have declared Aadhaar constitutionally valid and not violative of privacy, but the sole dissenting voice in the five-judge… Continue Reading →

India – #Aadhaar data resided in HP servers at Texas, USA in 2016 #WTFnews

Aadhaar whistle blower document to Indian Supreme Court judges contains proof that in November 2016, Aadhaar data resided in HP servers at Texas, USA  

India – #Aadhaar Details on Google Search? Data of Thousands Kept Public

View photos How many steps does it take to get access to thousands of Aadhaar numbers of citizens? Step 1: Google ‘aadhar.jpg’ That’s it. In a major breach of privacy and data protection, private entities of various kinds, educational, non-profit… Continue Reading →

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