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#Aadhaar – the Insecure App Making #biometrics

by- Anand Venkatanarayanan Overview The application eco-system built around Aadhaar is vulnerable to malware. In this article we will describe this vulnerability in detail and how the conflicting requirements between utility, security, delegation and profit making, created the perfect environment for… Continue Reading →

A Beginners Guide to Aadhaarspeak #UID #Biometrics

The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with war, the Ministry of Truth with lies, the Ministry of Love with torture and the Ministry of Plenty with starvation. These contradictions are not accidental, nor do they result from ordinary hypocrisy; they… Continue Reading →

#Aadhaar bill: With no respect for the law #UID #Biometrics

There is reason to wonder if this law is intended to be taken seriously, except in getting everyone on the data base, making it a scheme to number the population, and giving extraordinary powers to the UIDAI.  Written by Usha Ramanathan |… Continue Reading →

#India – The Failed Number- #UID #Aadhaar #Biometric #mustread

Failed Number   USHA RAMANATHAN The Supreme Court’s order that no person should suffer for not getting the Aadhaar card has put the future of the Unique Identification programme in question. The Sunday Story The Supreme Court’s Interim order defining Aadhaar… Continue Reading →

#India – What next after the SC ruling on #Aadhaar #UID #Biometrics ? #mustread

SEPTEMBER 30, 2013, kAFILA.ORG   tKALYANI MENON-SEN Poor Mr Nilekani. Just when everything was going swimmingly for him – adulatory interviews in the foreign press, tantalising rumours of a Congress ticket for the 2014 polls, lots and lots of votes… Continue Reading →

#India – 88-year-old judge-turned-litigant against #Aadhaar #UID #Biometrics #mustread

‘Aadhaar infringes on our fundamental right to privacy’   DEEPA KURUP The HinduK.S. Puttaswamy Former Justice K.S. Puttaswamy, who went to court against the linking of state benefits to the UID scheme, says much money has been wasted on the… Continue Reading →

Statement -Illegal Enrollment center for DJA #Biometric #UID #Aadhaar

Press Council of India (PCI)’s Norms of Journalistic Conduct refers to Press “As a custodian of public interest”. The enrollment shivir of Delhi Journalists Association (DJA) and Indraprastha Press Club of India with support from Indian Medical Association (IMA) for biometric Unique Identification (UID)/Aadhaar number… Continue Reading →

HC notice to Centre, GNCT on PIL against UID scheme #Aadhaar #biometrics

  Press Trust of India  |  New Delhi  August 7, 2013   The Centre and the city government were today directed by the Delhi High Court to respond to a PIL against implementation of Unique Identification(UID) scheme that alleged that… Continue Reading →

Indian States as Handmaiden of UIDAI #Aadhaar #biometrics

Usha Ramanathan Staesman, Uagust 8, 2013 Memoranda of Understanding, data sharing agreements and permanent enrolment centres tell a very different story from the images that the UIDAI has attempted to conjure up about the UID project. That it is cheap,… Continue Reading →

#India – Best finger first, but let’s now scan the eye- The Joke #Biometrics #UID

The Statesman 10 Jul 2013 Usha Ramanathan In December 2011, when the Standing Committee on Finance (SCF) readied its report on the National Identification Authority of India Bill 2010 to be placed before Parliament, there were as yet no reports… Continue Reading →

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