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In Bengaluru, thousands turn up in solidarity to protest journalist’s murder #IAmGauri

 Up to 15,000 people including writers, journalists and academics have turned out in Bangalore to condemn the murder of Indian journalist Gauri Lankesh. The message, “I am Gauri,” was everywhere – from arm bands and head bands to the slogans… Continue Reading →

India – That thing called hate #IamGauri

Vaishna Roy Human beings can be conditioned to eat at a certain hour every day. And they can be conditioned to hate, without reason I am typing this the day after journalist Gauri Lankesh was gunned down in Bengaluru. We… Continue Reading →

They will need more bullets #IamGauri

  Tell the killers to come out of hiding; there are more people to kill Every journalist is another Gauri, come on, there’s more blood to spill   That pistol will not do this time, tell them to bring a… Continue Reading →

A letter to a hunted hero- Prof G. N.Saibaba

Dear Prof G.N. Saibaba We read the two handwritten letters you wrote to your friend P.V. Vijay Kumar in September, on the 21st and 26th, letters he felt had to be shared with the world, even a world indifferent to the injustices done… Continue Reading →

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