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Suicide- Myths and Facts you should know #WMHD2019 #mustshare

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A step towards life Suicide is a word loaded with the sentiments of dismay, despair and the fear of death. This often stops us from having a discussion about suicide. However, if we freely talk about it, we can surely… Continue Reading →

The amazing story of this 38-year-old Indian author who suffers from VHL, a rare disease

Payel Bhattacharya suffers from von Hippel-Lindau or VHL. She tells us about the various difficulties she has faced in her life due to VHL and how she wants to make people aware of this rare condition. Writer Payel tells us… Continue Reading →

In 20 Years, Quality of Workers’ Life Has Degraded”#WorkersStrikeBack

– Workers of GIDC Machunagar is a slum in Gujarat where migrant workers of the Vatva GIDC reside in squalor. The state has the highest gap between minimum wages paid in the state and wages decided by NREGA. Damayantee Dhar… Continue Reading →

Women with disabilities come together: Dependence makes it harder to speak up #MeToo

A study, in 12 districts of Odisha covering a sample of 729 women with disabilities, showed that 12.6 per cent of the physically disabled respondents reported to having been raped  by Shalini Nair | “Most women with disabilities face sexual abuse from… Continue Reading →

Disabled But Not ‘Defective’: My Journey As A Polio, Heart Disease And Cancer Fighter

By Anita Ghai: “How come you had polio? Were you not you vaccinated? Did Why was your mother not more careful?” These are some questions that always haunt me. Of course, there are many others such as “Why me?” that all of us always… Continue Reading →

Living Dead – 34 years of #BhopalGasTragedy- Elusive Justice

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It was on the night of December 2, 1984, when Bhopal died a million deaths. The chemical, methyl isocyanate (MIC), that spilled out from Union Carbide India Ltd’s (UCIL’s) pesticide factory turned the city into a vast gas chamber. People… Continue Reading →

Disability rights activist accuses visually impaired man of harassment |#MeToo

By- Shampa SenGupta   Trigger warning: Sexual harassment I knew I had to write this some time or the other but kept on postponing it because of self-blaming and the shame that I felt to confess about the sexual harassment… Continue Reading →

Women with disabilities also belong to the global #MeToo movement

Those with disabilities were largely absent from this debate, and yet they are just as — or even more — likely to be victims of such violence, NIDHI GOYAL (JUNG YEON-JE/AFP/GETTY IMAGES) (Mumbai) — I often say that the minute… Continue Reading →

India – The fight to make Sign Language official

As a new PIL seeks constitutional status for the language, TOI looks at how it will give the deaf better access to education, employment, and a social life Swati Indulkar, a Mumbai resident who was diagnosed with profound hearing… Continue Reading →

Blind women deploy their power of touch in fight against breast cancer New Delhi: When her deteriorating vision finally ended in blindness two years ago, Neha Suri’s despair was complete. But just a year later, this lone breadwinner and mother of a teen, found not just a light in the darkness… Continue Reading →

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