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Shadow of Laxmanpur Bathe on Bihar Election

An unpredictable element has found a new lease of life thanks to the coming Assembly election.Subhash Gatade 08 Jul 2020 The outlawed Ranvir Sena—the private army of upper caste landlords of Bihar—is in the news again. It recently threatened the Bihar… Continue Reading →

Ahmedabad lockdown: 37% poor households didn’t get ration, Dalits, Muslims worst hit

POSTED ON JULY 8, 2020 By Rajiv Shah An authoritative survey, carried out by a group of academics and social workers, among low-income settlements in Ahmedabad during the Narendra Modi-announced Covid-19 lockdown, has said a whopping 37% of the households… Continue Reading →

Violent Policemen, Impunity, and the Refusal to Reform

DOMA KOUSHIK REDDY & ARNAV SINGH | 7 JULY, 2020 1,731 deaths in police or judicial custody were reported last year  P. Jeyaraj aged 62, a shopkeeper, and his son J. Bennix aged 32 were taken into custody by the Sathankulam… Continue Reading →

Bhima-Koregaon case: Delhi HC order on Navlakha quashed

Elgar Parishad-Koregaon Bhima case The Supreme Court, on Monday, set aside Delhi High Court’s May 27 order to the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to produce the records of the production warrant issued for the transfer of journalist-turned-civil rights activist Gautam… Continue Reading →

The State seems to ‘relish’ harassing, torturing Akhil Gogoi, a peasant rights campaigner

By Atul, Sandeep Pandey* Akhil Gogoi, a peasant leader and Right to Information (RTI) activist from Assam, has been in jail since December 2019. His crime is that he exercised his fundamental right of speech and expression by protesting against… Continue Reading →

Roll Back Problematic Amendments to the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016

Resist Attempts to Weaken Penal Provisions that hold entities accountable for violation of RPWD Act.  Put Rights of Marginalized Citizens Before ‘Business Sentiments’ Stop the Patronizing ‘Divyang Politics’!  Ensure Accessibility as a Fundamental Right! 5th July, 2020: National Alliance of People’s Movements… Continue Reading →

‘Covert medication’ – Indian Psychiatry’s worst kept secret

by- Anirudh Kala ‘Covert medication’ is the practice of mixing medication in food or beverages by the family because the patient refuses to take it since he does not believe he is ill. The person is usually suffering from schizophrenia,… Continue Reading →

Amid Lockdown, Lakhs of Coal Workers Begin 3-Day Strike Against Commercial Mining

Coal production hit after workers rally behind countrywide strike call given by all federations and unions of workers to oppose government’s move to privatise public sector coal mining firms. 02 Jul 2020 New Delhi: All coal sector trade unions and federations began… Continue Reading →

PMCARES Ventilator Maker AgVa Fudged Software To Hide Poor Performance

The allegations come as doctors in two hospitals in Mumbai have refused to use AgVa ventilators. By Samarth Bansal Aman Sethi NEW DELHI — Two former employees at controversial medical startup AgVa Healthcare told HuffPost India that the company manipulated the software… Continue Reading →

Why India’s Healthcare System is Among the Worst in the World

India’s just over 1% public health expenditure as a percentage of GDP is even lower than that of our poorer neighbouring countries, such as Sri Lanka, Bhutan and Nepal.Prabhat Patnaik 03 Jul 2020 Community health worker participating in a vaccination drive… Continue Reading →

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