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SC orders Sterlite’s Thoothukudi plant to remain shut

18 February 2019 The Supreme Court has upheld a Madras High court decision and agreed to Tamil Nadu’s government’s plea in favour of keeping the polluting plat shut. The apex court also ruled that also that the National Green Tribunal… Continue Reading →

Bhopal gas leak: 30 years later and after nearly 600,000 were poisoned, victims still wait for justice

On this day in 1989, US multinational Union Carbide agreed a deal to pay $470m to victims of the world’s worst industrial disaster. Campaigners say that was never enough Adam Withnall When the gas first started seeping into their thatch… Continue Reading →

Gujarat -No aadhaar, no ration? Hard blow on poor and marginalized

Monday, February 11, 2019 By Pankti Jog*Only those who have aadhaar registration and linked it with ration card will get ration from a Public Distribution System (PDS) shop. This decision of the Gujarat government has hit very badly thousands of… Continue Reading →

Gujarat’s concerned citizens demand to make public details of “polluted” Narmada waters

T Several concerned citizens* of Gujarat led by top Vadodara-based environmentalist Rohit Prajapati have in a letter to the chairperson, Narmada Control Authority, Government of India have demanded immediate disclosure of reasons behind the presence of sulphide and decrease in… Continue Reading →

88 clinical trial volunteers died in 4 years due to direct side effects: Health ministry data

With little transparency on how such deaths are investigated, and new rules relaxing how clinical trials are conducted in India, this data could be a poor estimate, said experts. MUMBAI  Sadaguru PanditHindustan Times, Mumbai Clinical trials are done to test… Continue Reading →

सरदार सरोवर का पानी पीने पर गुजरात सरकार से रोक

Narmada Bachao Andolan 16:44 (3 hours ago) to bcc: napm-india जलाशय एक ओर जहरीला तो नीचेवास में खारा  एक ओर घाटी में नर्मदा जयंती मनाने की तय्यारी जोरशोर से चल रही है, जबकि दूसरी ओर माँ नर्मदा की हालत दिन-ब-दिन ख़राब होती… Continue Reading →

Chhattisgarh PDS scam probe: EOW lodges FIR against top cops

Rashmi Drolia| TNN | Rajnesh singh (L), Mukesh Gupta. RAIPUR: In a major twist to multi-crore PDS scam related case, Chhattisgarh’s Bureau of Investigation of Economic Offences (EOW) has registers an FIR against a director general of police (DG) Mukesh Gupta and a superintendent… Continue Reading →

Jan Swasthya Abhiyan-Health in Interim Budget

. The Interim Union Budget 2019–20 reflects a definite push for an insurance-based model of healthcare, which comes at huge and disastrous costs of the public provisioning of health. In a country like India, where a large section of the population… Continue Reading →

Fact-Check: Modi Is Lying About the Houses Built Under PMAY

The Prime Minister claimed his government built 1.25 crore houses in their tenure till January 19, 2019, while the previous UPA government had built only 25 lakh houses. But the numbers don’t add up.Ravi Nair  Did the Modi government really… Continue Reading →

Budget2019- Doling out a Rs 6,000 insult to Farmers

How useful will farmer support be? It will not be easy to optimally deploy the basic income support announced by the government for small and marginal farmers. The scheme has large exclusions in the landless and the women as well… Continue Reading →

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