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After 180 days of fast for Ganga, Atmabodhanand to stop drinking water too Haridwar: After fasting for almost 180 days (since October) for a clean and free-flowing Ganga, 26-year-old seer Atmabodhanand has now decided to quit drinking water as well. Atmabodhanand, who hails from Kerala, told TOI that he has lost all hope of a clean… Continue Reading →

You Can Vote Even if Your Name is Deleted from the Voter List

Election Commission ought to create awareness among the electorates as to how a person whose name is missing from voters list can utilise his or her right to vote giving genuine proof of their identity. Waquar Hasan | Caravan Daily   NEW DELHI — Is… Continue Reading →

Gandhi and RSS: Diverse Nationalisms

Ram Puniyani There are continuous attempts from RSS camp to show that Mahatma Gandhi looked up to RSS with respect. The latest in this direction is the piece by RSS joint General Secretary Shri Man Mohan Vaidya. (The Mahatma and… Continue Reading →

‘Proud of demolishing Babri Masjid’, says Pragya Thakur; gets another EC notice

“While should I regret over the demolition of the structure? I am proud of it. A few unwanted elements were trying to enter Lord Ram’s temple, we had to remove them,” Pragya Thakur said. In fresh trouble for Sadhvi Pragya Thakur, the… Continue Reading →

No End to Travails of Jharkhand Victims of Cow Mob Attack, Medical Treatment Denied: “You Are Fine Now”

ASAD ASHRAF | 20 APRIL, 2019  NEW DELHI: More than a week after four Christian Adivasis were attacked and lynched by cow vigilantes, the victims who survived the attack have been left isolated and terrified by the state government and local administration…. Continue Reading →

Statement on CJI and sexual harassment by Women in Criminal Law Association

WOMEN14 HOURS AGO Women in Criminal Law Association, a recently established collaborative group for women in criminal litigation, issued a statement on Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi’s handling of a sexual harassment charge levelled against him by a former… Continue Reading →

Vindictive externment order from Nasik, Thane and other areas issued by Nasik City Police to Dr Dhondiram Limbaji Karad, National Vice President CITU

 Vindictive externment order from Nasik, Thane and other areas issued by Nasik City Police to Dr Dhondiram Limbaji Karad, National Vice President CITU and President Maharashtra State committee of CITU leading the Nasik Workers’ Union under section 51 of Maharashtra… Continue Reading →

Bhopal Gas Tragedy Among World’s ‘Major Industrial Accidents’ of 20th Century: UN Report

In the Chernobyl disaster in April 1986, one of four nuclear reactors at the Chernobyl power station in Ukraine exploded, releasing at least 100 times more radiation than the atom bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima. The report released by… Continue Reading →

“Another Modi government would mean a virtual shutdown of the Indian academic world”

Karan Thapar in conversation with Romila Thapar April 20, 2019 The last five years have been about everything besides the issues on which the BJP campaigned and came to power in 2014: employment, corruption, economic growth, and development. The country… Continue Reading →

‘CJI Ranjan Gogoi sexually harassed me’: Former SC employee, SC Secretary General’s office denies allegations #Metoo

‘CJI Ranjan Gogoi sexually harassed me’ Aformer woman employee of the Supreme Court has written to all the judges of the top court, accusing Chief Justice of India (CJI), Ranjan Gogoi, of persecution after she resisted his alleged sexual advances… Continue Reading →

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