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Petter Wallenberg creates pop fusion with India’s best LGBTQ talent

The first song of Petter Wallenberg’s new album Rainbow Riots India is Love is Love, featuring Mumbai’s own drag queen, Sushant Divgikar aka Rani Kohe-nur, singing her heart out. The song, Wallenberg says, has made it to the pride march… Continue Reading →

Dr M Mariraj- This Dalit Doctor Survived Casteism, and a Suicide Attempt in a Medical College

POSTED ON JUNE 1, 2019 Dr M Mariraj, who tried to end his life last year, was at the end of constant casteist abuse while pursuing a three-year postgraduate at Ahmedabad’s BJ Medical College. Chennai: Dr Payal Tadvi, a young… Continue Reading →

Why Punjab’s Dalit Icon & AAP’s Star Campaigner Feels Sidelined

“If you, India, your kids have to die because of starvation, then what was the point of your independence?” Bant Singh asks as he sings a folk song with a clarity and depth that has overcome the most heinous violence…. Continue Reading →

Saadat Hasan Manto, lover of fountain pens, shoes & alcohol, who was the voice of Partition

On his 107th birth anniversary, ThePrint remembers Saadat Hasan Manto, the writer & rebel who blamed Partition for bringing out the worst in people, and his enduring legacy. DEEKSHA BHARDWAJ  Text Size: A- A+ 140Shares New Delhi: “Here lies Saadat Hasan Manto. With him… Continue Reading →

दिल्ली -स्वप्न स्वराज का, पूर्ण राज्य का

By- Daljeet Singh अब तो टूट गए हैं सभी बाँध सबर के आश्वासनो के बादल, छट्ट गए हैं कब के चड़ा है तुझ पर इस माटी का कर्ज़ा  अब दिल्ली माँगे पूर्ण राज्य का दर्जा  हवा एक, पानी एक, स्वाभिमान… Continue Reading →

India – Have you been to the village of books yet?

30 homes and 30, 000 books — the village of Bhilar is attracting millennials to it as it is a paradise for bibliophiles If you love reading books, you would know how much a calm atmosphere and beautiful view adds… Continue Reading →

Pa Ranjith, Casteless Collective release song ‘Thalaivaa’ as a tribute to Dr BR Ambedkar

The song speaks about the divide in society on the basis of religion and caste. Commemorating the birth anniversary of Dr BR Ambedkar, the Casteless Collective has released a song as a tribute to the leader. Pa Ranjith’s Neelam Cultural… Continue Reading →

Muti-religious, caste Jallianwala matyrdom lies hidden in dark rooms of National Archives

Wednesday, April 17, 2019 By Shamsul Islam*Today India has turned into a grazing field for all kinds of religious bigots led by the Hindutva gang. Even the Prime Minister of the country, who took oath to uphold democratic-secular polity, is… Continue Reading →

Poem credited to PM Modi by Bhakts is Fake News

by R D Tailang No, This is Wrong Information BJP.. When I wrote this poem to be recited by the host of KBC – Amitabh Bachchan in the last season, l was clear, the poem may be on a show… Continue Reading →

Krishna Bihari ‘Noor’ : ज़िंदगी से बड़ी सज़ा ही नहीं, और क्या जुर्म है पता ही नहीं

zindagī se baḌī sazā hī nahīñ aur kyā jurm hai patā hī nahīñ itne hissoñ meñ baT gayā huuñ maiñ mere hisse meñ kuchh bachā hī nahīñ zindagī maut terī manzil hai dūsrā koī rasta hī nahīñ sach ghaTe yā… Continue Reading →

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