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Pash, my father: Daughter Winkle Sandhu remembers the revolutionary Punjabi poet

‘Her tiny hands were finding it difficult to cut the cake. She was stunned to see the candles, first lit and then blown off.’ Winkle had turned one. Thirty-eight winters ago, Pash had made an entry of his daughter’s first… Continue Reading →

निज़ाम-ए-जम्हूरियत- #हमअगरउट्ठेनहींतो

BY -अल्लाम अशरफ़ महक उट्ठा मेरा वतन इस ख़बर पे, जी॰डी॰पी॰ चल पड़ी है माइनस के सफ़र पे. धर्म की राह हम सब चल पड़े हैं, विकास को बेलगाम छोड़ा गिरती डगर पे. सुना है नींव मंदिर की पड़ चुकी… Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday Gulzar: The wordsmith who continues to enthrall through soulful poems, stirring couplets and more

Gulzar believes that writing is a full-time job and draws much of his inspiration from the Space. Having spent over 5 decades writing in various forms in the Hindi film industry, publishing books and directing movies, it is the power… Continue Reading →

I Want to Die Today

By- Antonio Rodrigues I look at my scaffold, ceiling high, I want to cry, but suppress a sigh, The dimming light fades to zero, I realise now I am no shining hero! One more time, I look out my window… Continue Reading →

Nepal -14-Year-Old Rapper Debut With A Song Against Caste-Based Discrimination

KATHMANDU:- In wake of the rise in the spate of incidents of discrimination and violence, including fatality against the Dalit community, a 14-year-old boy has come up with an innovative approach to raise awareness against the social anomaly. Going by the… Continue Reading →

Remembering tragedy queen Meena Kumari on her birth anniversary

* Another fan Khanindra Kumar Dutta observed, ‘Without doubt, her life is expressed in a beautiful but sad way with Khayyam’s haunting music’ Amjad Parvez August 1 It was in 1970 that Khayyam composed music for actress and singer Meena… Continue Reading →

Poet Vara Vara Rao’s Family appeals ‘DON’T KILL VARA VARA RAO IN JAIL !!

:July 12, 2020 We, the family members of Varavara Rao, world-renowned Telugu revolutionary poet and public intellectual, who is incarcerated in Navi Mumbai’s Taloja Jail, are very much worried about his deteriorating health. His health condition has been scary for… Continue Reading →

आइना देख कर घबरा गए क्या

आइना देख कर घबरा गए क्या अपनी ही नज़र से ठुकरा गए क्या। जिस से लड़ रहे हो तुम सदियों से उसी के तौर तरीके अपना गए क्या। ज़िद्द करने की ज़िद्द में आ कर तुम अपने आप को ही… Continue Reading →

“अल्फ़ाज़” – الفاظ – अल्लाम अशरफ़ #mustread

अल्लाम अशरफ़ ज़हर दिलों में बोने वालों, बज़्म-ए-नफ़रत जो सजा रहे हो सुनो. हवा में घुल रही है बू-ए-ख़ून-ए-आदम, अल्फ़ाज़-ए-मोहब्बत जो चुन सको तो चुनो. बिखेर के इंसानियत के ताने बाने को यूँ मसनद नशीं होना, जैसे गोरकन ने महल… Continue Reading →

Resist the Super Emergency ! Indian Democracy Matters! – June 25 One Day Online Film Festival

25 June 2020 will mark the 45th anniversary of the infamous Emergency imposed on India. On this day, we call upon all Indian citizens to launch a peaceful, non-violent nationwide movement to fight against the SUPER EMERGENCY the country is being subjected to today. This… Continue Reading →

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