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Political Prisoners

Bail over jail: on due process

The chain of arrest, custody, and remand must be linked only by due process The power of arrest is an extraordinary one, conferred on the police to be employed with discretion and deliberation, not as a tool of oppression and… Continue Reading →

#BhimaKoregaonArrests: UAPA is writing the obituary for Indian democracy by curbing dissent and must be repealed

This piece comments on the Bhima Koregaon arrests, the multitude of problems with the UAPA as well as its empirically evident history of sinister targeting of those defending the powerless against State excesses. UAPA criminalises ideology and association. By virtue… Continue Reading →

Pune Police Is Diverting The Bhima Koregaon Investigation, Protecting Bhide, Ekbote: Deputy Mayor Siddharth Dhende

The Caravan publishes report of police-appointed committee, headed by Dhende, that finds Hindutva outfits “pre-planned” the Bhima Koregaon violence By TUSHA MITTAL |  SATISH BATE / HINDUSTAN TIMES / GETTY IMAGES The report of a fact-finding committee, headed by Pune’s deputy mayor… Continue Reading →

Mumbai Rises to Save Democracy- Kis Kis ko Qaid Karoge? #mustshare

Fascist BJP Government stop diverting attention of people from your oppressive policies and the failure of governance!!   Join Protest on 5th September 2018, 5:00pm outside Dadar (E) Station, Mumbai #NoMoreFakeCharges   #DefendDissent   #SaveDemocracy   #ExposeUndeclaredEmergency Since the beginning… Continue Reading →

Anand Teltumbde: On India’s rising authoritarian tide

Photo: dgSolidarity / Youtube On 28 August 2018, homes of several civil-rights activists, lawyers and writers across India were raided by the Maharashtra police for having ‘links’ with Maoists. Of these, five were arrested, in what is seen as a… Continue Reading →

Sudha Bharadwaj’s student pens a heartfelt tribute to her teacher at National Law University, Delhi

To Ma’am, With Love: She invoked awe and reverence as a woman who toiled amongst the most socially turbulent parts of the country with quiet strength and navigated the corridors of power with the claims of the powerless, all while… Continue Reading →

Statement against police action on Prof. Anand Teltumbde and others – Students, Faculty and Alumni of IIT Kharagpur

We, the undersigned students, faculty and others from IIT Kharagpur are shocked with the treatment that the police forces have meted out to our ex-colleague, Prof. Anand Teltumbde and other intellectuals. His residence in Goa, where he is working as… Continue Reading →

Why are the Indian authorities afraid of a ‘half-Maoist’?

Ninety-percent-disabled Indian professor GN Saibaba is dying a slow death in prison, accused of having ‘Maoist links’. by Pavan Malreddy & Ashok Kumbamu Professor GN Saibaba during an interview at his residence in the Delhi University North Campus on July… Continue Reading →

Statement by  Adv Sudha Bharadwaj under house arrest

*Regarding the letter issued to the Press by Pune Police* 1. It is a totally concocted letter fabricated to criminalize me and other human rights lawyers, activists and organisations. 2. It is a mixture of innocuous and publicly available facts… Continue Reading →

Release Activists – Arrest Ekbote, Bhide and stop terror activities of Sanatan Sanstha

On the Ongoing Crushing of Dissent and People’s Movements by the Sangh and the State: Take forward the struggle for Real Democracy . Since early morning 28th August, homes of 10 well-known public activists in Mumbai, Ranchi, Hyderabad, Delhi, Faridabad… Continue Reading →

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