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MEITY wanted protocol for all governing all COVID-19 data, not just Aarogya Setu: RTI

Aditi Agrawal By  Aditi Agrawal      July 27, 2020   In its nascent stages, what eventually culminated as the Aarogya Setu Data Access and Knowledge Sharing Protocol, 2020, was actually supposed to be a “guideline document for entire lifecycle of data governance related… Continue Reading →

An inquiry into the naturalisation of totalitarian surveillance in the name of the COVID-19 pandemic

Revisiting the Panopticon and the Synopticon by- Gopal Krishna Ideas and ideologies can kill.[i]Derived from two Greek words that together mean “all-seeing”, the panopticon was initially conceived as a prison designed to ensure the perfectly complete surveillance of all prisoners…. Continue Reading →

Delhi Police cites UAPA to block website campaigning against draft EIA 2020, later ‘withdraws’ notice

  Parth MN  by Firstpost  A website campaigning against the Indian government’s new draft law for environment clearance was blocked suddenly on 10 July, 2020 after instructions from the Delhi Police’s Cyber Crime Unit. It has now emerged that the… Continue Reading →

Bosses tell female employees to be ‘sexier’ for work video meetings, study suggests

Kalila Sangster23 July 2020 Female employees have been told by bosses to dress “sexier” and wear make-up for video calls while working from home due to the coronavirus crisis, a new study suggests. More than a third of women have… Continue Reading →

Delhi’s Plasma Mafia exposed – Covid 19

Investigative Report 17 JULY 2020 | ENGLISH | URBAN | GENERAL AUDIENCE Mirror Now’s Investigative report: Watch how vultures of Corona loot patients. 2 phone conversations expose the thriving Plasma Mafia in Delhi. The black marketing of Plasma with rates… Continue Reading →

Open Source Covid Movement: Non-Capitalist Alternative to Control Pandemic

B Ekbal AT a recent press conference, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan made an important announcement with global political dimensions. He said that the monopoly drug manufacturers are engaged in developing vaccines, medicines and other products related to the treatment… Continue Reading →

How screwed is Indian healthcare data?

The story behind how I was able to view, edit & delete classified personal information of lakhs of patients all over India Sai Krishna Kothapalli Jun 6 ·  Some months ago, I read an interesting article on Techcrunch titled “A billion medical images… Continue Reading →

Zero active cases: How New Zealand eliminated Covid-19

At a time when the world is grappling with the fast-spreading Covid-19, New Zealand has announced that it has eradicated the novel coronavirus which causes the disease. The stunning announcement came on Monday when the country’s health officials said that… Continue Reading →

Revolutionary Poet Varavara Rao’s family members seek his immediate release

In the wake of arrested revolutionary poet Varavara Rao’s admission to JJ Hospital, Mumbai, from Taloja Jail amidst varied news reports, his wife P. Hemalatha has requested the Central and State governments of Maharashtra and Telangana to enable the family… Continue Reading →

Internet shutdowns put lives at risk during COVID-19 #KeepItOn

As the global COVID-19 pandemic develops, access to information has become fundamental to keeping people safe from the widespread virus. Yet, from Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh to cities and villages of Jammu and Kashmir, internet shutdowns have left many… Continue Reading →

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