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Data of ‘nearly all adults’ in Bulgaria stolen- Welcome to Aadhaar

Personal data belonging to millions of Bulgarians has been stolen in a cyber-attack on the country’s tax agency. According to a local cyber-security researcher, most adults in the country of seven million people are likely to have had some data… Continue Reading →

Death by Aadhaar? : on faulty public distribution system in Jharkhand

Shiv Sahay SinghJULY 13, 2019 Kunti Nagasia and her son Rinku Nagasia live in abject poverty in Mahuadanr block of Latehar district, Jharkhand. The family has no ration card and is surviving with the help of neighbours. (Below) Family members… Continue Reading →

India – The Selfie-Reliant Nation

We, Indians, now worship ourselves and those who worship themselves as heroes Gopalkrishna Gandhi We take to new technologies easily in India. In fact, energetically and enthusiastically. Especially when the new gadget is such as can be held in one’s hands…. Continue Reading →

Mumbai Port Trust employee wins case against Aadhaar

‘Aadhaar for salary is a breach of privacy’ Says Ramesh Kurhade who refused details to employer Mumbai Port Trust and fought tooth and nail for a path-breaking judgment | When Mumbai Port Trust asked all its 9,500 employees to submit… Continue Reading →

Delhi – Big Brother In School #RightToPrivacy

Delhi government’s move to install CCTVs in classrooms is an ill-thought out idea. Written by Sanjay Srivastava | The writer is a sociologist Over the past few years, the AAP government in Delhi has made commendable efforts in tackling one of the… Continue Reading →

India- Govt set to link up with students on Facebook

Facebook Around 900 universities and 40,000 colleges in the country are expected to be covered By Basant Kumar Mohanty in New Delhi The Centre has sought to connect itself to the social media accounts of over 3 crore students of… Continue Reading →

India -Budget’s Economic Survey Pushes For Interlinking and Selling Citizens’ Data for Private Purposes

We are alarmed and concerned at the government’s vision to collate comprehensive, exhaustive data about every citizen and making it available for commercial use by private entities as stated in the budget document the Economic Survey 2018-19 published on July… Continue Reading →

Aadhaar ordinance: SC asks Centre, UIDAI to respond to writ petition

NEW DELHI: , JULY 05, 2019 Supreme Court of India   Petitioners say ordinance will create a “surveillance State” and enable database to be exploited by private players for commercial gain A Supreme Court Bench led by Justice S.A. Bobde ordered… Continue Reading →

India’s latest economic survey makes a case to use Aadhaar to create a master database for every citizen

 Sriram Iyer  © India today The latest economic survey recommendation on Aadhaar, India’s unique biometric identity for citizens, may reignite the fierce debate around the programme. K Subramanian’s India economic survey 2019 has recommended that all data that is spread… Continue Reading →

Madras HC Allows IFF To Intervene opposing Linking Aadhaar With Social Media Accounts

Highlights Background: Two writ petitions were filed in the Madras High Court in July 2018 praying for the interlinking of Aadhaar with social media for identity authentication purposes. We were deeply concerned with this development and decided to intervene. Intervention time: Given… Continue Reading →

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