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Agnes Varda: The French director still making critically acclaimed movies at 90

As the celebrated ‘Faces Places’ comes to the UAE, the filmmaker is finally getting the recognition she deserves If you are looking for a textbook example of a female director who has been ­overlooked in the first ­century of cinema, Agnes Varda might just be… Continue Reading →

It’s official: Tirupattur woman gets ‘no caste, no religion’ certificate

TAMIL NADU Serena Josephine She has always left the two columns blank in application forms Her parents always left the ‘caste’ and ‘religion’ columns blank in application forms. But for M.A. Sneha, it is now official. Growing up in a… Continue Reading →

Karnataka assembly speaker compares himself to rape survivor #WTFnews

PTI | Bengaluru February 13, 2019 12:58 IST Karnataka assembly speaker Ramesh Kumar | Bhanu Prakash Chandra Karnataka assembly speaker Ramesh Kumar on Tuesday compared himself to a rape survivor having to undergo repeated questioning as he referred to repeated charges… Continue Reading →

Shakti – Maximising Women Elected to Lok Sabha in 2019

Women Politicians Across Party Lines Say Electoral Tokenism Must End; Women Must Unite To Vote Women To Lok Sabha Shakti –  “Political Power to Women” launched nationally in Delhi on February 12th at the Constitution Club of India. Over a 100… Continue Reading →

मजदूरों की मांजी, पेरिन दाजी: यादों की रोशनी में… #RIP

अब खुद यादों का हिस्सा बनीं पेरिन दाजी मजदूरों की मांजी, पेरिन दाजी नहीं रहीं !’ 91 साल की उम्र में वरिष्ठ साम्यवादी नेत्राी श्रीमती पेरिन होमी दाजी का निधन हुआ।  पेरिन दाजी कामरेड होमी दाजी की पत्नी थी –… Continue Reading →

Poem by Rupali Jadhav of KKM #metoo

#metoo मी टू…. तब, ज़ख्म और भी गहरे हो जाते है जब खुदको प्रगतीशील कहनेवाले थाम लेते है, न्याय का तराजू अपने हांथ मेजहाँ, वही लोग चला लेते हे मुकदमा और सुना देते है फैसला, सच और झूट का अपनी… Continue Reading →

Woman power: No. of female voters surging across India

Views 289 Shares111View on pagetwitterfacebook Gender Gap Narrows In Maha Rolls Bhavika Jain & Siva Kumar TNN Mumbai/Chennai: For a country that suffers from low sex ratios and female literacy rates, the 2019 general elections will herald a level of gender… Continue Reading →

Stones pelted at SP Manju’s house over her Sabarimala visit

Reports indicate that the incident took place when the police posted to her home for security were changing shifts. TNM Staff SP Manju, the President of the Kerala Dalit Mahila Federation President, who successfully entered Sabarimala temple on January 9,… Continue Reading →

Anti-liquor march: Women padyatris “resolve” to occupy Karnataka state assembly

M By Abhay, Swarna Bhat*At a huge public convention held at Siddaganga Mutt on the Republic Day, January 26, 2019, in the presence of Sanehalli Sri Panditaradhya Swamiji, padyatris of the Madya Nishedha Andolana decided to intensify the ongoing liquor… Continue Reading →

Fifth nun who protested against Bishop Franco gets warning letter from her convent

Sister Neena Rose has been asked to report to Missionaries of Jesus convent in Jalandhar, to present her “defence for abdicating the basic tenets of religious life and resorting to activities” that violate their congregational rules. Sandeep Vellaram The fifth… Continue Reading →

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