Besides movie plots and poems, students have added appeals based on nationalism to seek marks in exams post-Pulwama

Vinod Khanal TNN


As the country sings paeans about the courage and bravery of soldiers after the IAF strike in Pakistan, nationalist fervour has apparently inspired Uttar Pradesh Secondary Education Board (UPSEB) Class X and XII students to use emotional appeals for more marks. UP Board teachers said they have been coming across answer sheets in which students have sought more marks saying they want to join the armed forces.


“The trend of students giving silly answers or leaving answer sheets blank continued even this year. In many answer sheets, however, especially in examinations conducted after the Pulwama terror attack, students have tried to appeal to the teachers’ emotions by writing many illogical things,” said a UP Board evaluator.

One of the students wrote, “Pujniya guruji, main desh sewa ke liye jawan banna chanta hun, desh ke saath aapke bachcho ki bhi dushmano se raksha karna chahta hoon. Ek baar number dene se pehle apne bachcho ke baarey me sochiye. (Respected Sir, I want to serve the nation and protect your children and the country from enemies. So, think about your children before giving me marks.)”

Another wrote, “ Guruji agar main fail hua to desh fail hoga, kyunki aap ek hone wale jawan ko fail karoge. Phir desh ki raksha kaun karega? (Sir, if you fail me, you will fail the entire country as a future jawan will be unsuccessful. Then who will guard the country’s frontiers?)”

Mukesh Tripathi, another UP Board evaluator, said, “This year too, some students wrote about newly released movies and even poems for answers.”