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1. BJP issued statement on its official twitter account ensuring implementation of NRC and removal of every single infiltrator except Buddha (Buddhist), Hindu, Sikh to create a “New INDIA”.

2. Bjp head Amit shah has promised to remove every single infiltrator from this country and to identify and give Indian nationality to Hindus and Buddhists, during the election campaigning in Assam and Bengal.
3. Sitting Prime Minister Narendra Modi has from the highest office in the country, assured implementation of CAB and to ensure that no infiltrators name is present in the National Register of Citizens, while also talking of in his speech on partition and protecting Hindus.

4. Sitting women and child minister Maneka Gandhi, even while holding office, has admitted that she would discriminate against Muslims while giving them jobs because they would not vote for her.

5.BJP candidate and sitting MP from Unnao, Sakshi Maharaj, threatened to put a curse on those who won’t vote for him.

6.BJP candidate and Leader of Opposition in the Karnataka Legislative Council, K.S. Eshwarappa justified denial of tickets to Muslims and Christians by BJP stating that they have not been given a tickets because they are not loyal to the nation.

This is nothing short of a blatant attack on the Indian Constitution, democracy. On our values of pluralism, inclusivity, secularism, non-violence and justice! These statements are clearly discriminatory, unconstitutional and divisive. They constitute hate incitement and mongering, they promote fundamentalism, othering, alienation and denial of citizenship on the basis of religion!

They have the effect of creating enmity, mistrust and hatred amongst religious communities, and thereby instigating violence and affecting national security!

They are disguised and open criminal threats and acts of intimidation on voters and flagrantly violate the Model Code of Conduct, Indian Constitution, Representation of People’s Act and other applicable laws of the land!

It is important that we do not let this slide, we must complain, protest, take action and not allow this blatant attack on our constitution, democracy, on our values of pluralism, inclusivity, secularism. The statements openly made by BJP and its ministers are blatantly discriminatory, unconstitutional, divisive. They constitute hate incitement and mongering, they promote fundamentalism, othering, alienation and denial of citizenship for those who are considered citizens of this country from its very inception. It is a hostile takeover which we cannot allow.

We must immediately complain to the Election Commission and all constitutionally independent bodies like minorities commission and various authorities including the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, High courts. We must ask that BJP and it’s ministers, especially the ones holding office, be penalised and strict action be taken including –

1. Disqualification of BJP from the elections

 2. Disqualification of Modi, Maneka Gandhi, Amit shah from the elections and cancelation of their candidacy

3. Impeachment of the prime minister Modi and removal of Maneka Gandhi from their office as per procedure provided under law and that suo Moto action be taken by election commissioner / Chief Justice for unconstitutional, inciteful and discriminatory statements.

4. Clarificatory statement be issued to assure the minority communities who have been labelled infiltrators that their citizenship rights are protected and represented 

5. Legislation to protect religious minorities against discrimination 6. Strictures for all parties to respect the constitution and to follow the rule of the land during election campaigning

Information for Action :

1. If we all report to eci in hordes it could be one way to formally do it and get eci to act. Eci has an app called cVIGIL, please download on your smartphone – also has provisions for anonymous complaints! We can also send organisational / individual complaints to the ECI at (source :

2. We can also report on twitter, eci’s official twitter id is @ECISVEEP. Also report BJP’s post to Twitter. We need to do a strong social media campaign to counter this hate and communal agenda!