Vinod Dua, who works as a consulting editor at The Wire Hindi and currently anchors The Wire’s ‘Jan Gan Man Ki Baat’, has been accused of stalking and sexually harassing a woman filmmaker. Taking to her Facebook handle, filmmaker Nishtha Jain has put out a post accusing Vinod Dua of stalking her and using cuss words against her. According to Nishtha, the incident took place in June 1989 when Nishtha Jian, then a graduate from Delhi’s Jamia Mass Communication Centre, met Dua for the first time during a job interview.

Nishtha Jain claimed that she was being interviewed by Vinod Dua for his upcoming political satire show. Jain alleged that even before she could settle in, Dua opened with a lewd sexual joke which made her feel uncomfortable to the core. During the interview, Vinod Dua asked her expectations of salary, to this Nishtha Jain quoted the amount which most of the graduates were getting. She said that she was fine with getting Rs 5,000. Listening to the amount, Vinod Dua insulted her by asking stature (Tumhari aukaat kya hai) (What is your stature).

Ashamed of getting such a reply, Nishtha Jain left his office and later started a job with Newstrack.

Accusing Vinod Dus of stalking, Nishtha Jain said that Dua always had the idea about when she was working late. Jain claims that one day she saw Vinod Dua at her parking. She said that he wanted to talk about something. Thinking that he wanted to apologise over his rude behaviour she went to him. As soon as she entered the car, he started slobbering all over her face.

She added that he tried to follow her again at the parking lot but she dodged him. The folloiwng development comes to light when both daughter, Mallika Dua, and father, Vinod Dua, slammed Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar following his ‘misogynistic’ remarks against Mallika Dua. Reacting to Akshay Kumar’s remarks, Vinod Dua claimed that he would ‘screw this cretin’.

Feeling sorry for Mallika Dua as his father too belongs to the hall of shame, Nishtha Jain said that she won’t be surprised if he denies the allegations as has always been an opportunistic person.