In a case of caste-motivated violence, a 17-year-old Dalit boy was allegedly tied to a tree and whipped by two men in Patan district when he was going to take his Class XII English exam on Monday. The accused had even threatened to kill the victim if he went to the exam, while hurling casteist abuses at him all along, stated the FIR filed in the connection.

The victim lives in Mehsana and is from Patan, stated the FIR. “When he was walking towards his exam centre at Chanasma’s Dhinoj village, a bus conductor named Ramesh Patel and a 24-year-old boy came up to him and said that they wanted to discuss something with him,” said the FIR.

The boy said he would meet them later but was told to wait only for 5-10 minutes and that he would be dropped at his exam centre later. The accused then made him sit on their motorbike and took him to a secluded place. “There, they tied him to a tree and whipped him with a branch of a neem tree,” the FIR states.

“When I asked why I was being beaten, they got angrier and started whipping me on my stomach and other parts of my body while hurling casteist abuses. They threatened me saying that they would kill me if I went to take the exam,” the complainant stated.

The victim went to his home in Mehsana and didn’t tell anybody about the attack. Two days later, when he was changing his clothes, his mother saw the injury marks and asked him about it. He then broke down and told her about the assault. He was then taken to Mehsana Civil Hospital, where Patan police took down his complaint on Wednesday.