Against the  Brutal GANG Rape in a Delhi BUS and

AGAINST THE Growing Violence AGAINST Women in the Country  


PROTESTORS express outrage against this brutality and  demand



19th December, 2012


Today too witnessed outrage against the Delhi Gang Rape on its streets. More than three hundred people, inlcuding two hundred College students mostly girls gathered  at the Gandhi Statue Circle, with placards and posters, demanding “Justice for the Delhi Survior of gang rape and also ” Enough is Enough, stop violence against women now”.  The students came from more than a dozen National Law Colleges of the country who are interns with the PUCL and also from the Kanoria Girls College. There were a large number of students from Muslim Girls School and also from the Rajasthan University.

Along with  students there were more than a hundred persons from various progressive organisations including PUCL, Women’s Rehabilitation Group, Dalit Adhikar Network, Janwadi Lekhak Sangh, IRADA, Jamait Islami Hind, Shikshit Rozgar Kendra PRabhanhak Samiti, DAGAR, Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan, RTI Manch, Mahila SAlah Evam Suraksha Kendra, Rajasthan Smagra Sewa Sangh, Action Aid, Rajasthan University Women’s Assocation. The protestors were pleasantly surprised to see several Physio Therapists from the All India Physiotherapist Association who came in solidairty as the victim in Delhi was a Physioterapist.

The message of the protest was very clearly articulated by the girls that they didnot  want to be in an India which was so insecure. It was not a place for women and girls to live in if cities would be so hostile towards the free movement of girls and women. There were slogans against Sheila Diksiht, Delhi  Police, ManMohan Singh and Shide for not providing a safe and secure space for women. Speakers also spoke of how it was the same in Rajasthan. There were so many instances of abduction and rape in cities and villages of Rajasthan and there was no justice in sight. There was a demand that short cut, populist solutions were not what they were looking for but a comprehensive intervention on all fronts which ensured that there would be ZERO tolerance towards Violence against women. The people also felt that the culture within the Police and the Judiciary was still adverse towards the women who still blamed the girl for sexual violence.

A Card with a message wishing the Delhi gangrape survivor a Speedy REcovery was also passed around for signatures.

The PROTEST ENDED WITH A MARCH WITH CANDLES demanding Justice for the Delhi survivor and an end to Violence Against women . This protest is being looked upon as a beginning of the Anti Rape Movement in the City with yet another protest being planned on the 21st December, 2012 involving several other colleges and different organisations including all the Para medics.

Kavita Srivastava, (General Secretary, PUCL Rajasthan)

Contact: 09351562965, 01412594131


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