Children’s plea to Governor: Don’t take our land to build IIM


By Newzfirst Correspondent5/8/12

RANCHI – More than three hundreds of tribal children today marched to the Raj Bhavan demanding immediate intervention to stop the ongoing forceful land acquisition by state government to build the Indian Institute of Management and National University for Study and Research in (NUSRL) campuses.

The march has come out as the part of Kakenagri villagers struggle to save their fertile agricultural land that is being acquired forcefully by government of Jharkhand to build and National University for Study and Research in Law (NUSRL) campuses.

Children of age 5 to 13 years belonging to the victim families in their hand-written memorandum to the Governor appealed, “We the small children of Kakenagri village are very much worried to see our parents struggling to protect the . It is being taken away forcefully from them at the gun point.  Lands are source of livelihood for us. Because of this land they are able to feed us and able to send us to schools. We request you to kindly stop the acquisition.”

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