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Joke of the Century – PNB Award for Best Vigilance

Punjab National Bank received the Vigilance Excellence Award

Punjab National Bank received the Vigilance Excellence Award

New Delhi. Punjab National Bank received the Vigilance Excellence Award 2016-17. The Award was received by Shri S.K. Nagpal, Chief Vigilance Officer of the Bank, from Shri. K V Chowdary, Central Vigilance Commissioner, at the 8th Conclave of Vigilance Officers of the Institute of Public Enterprise(IPE) Hyderabad.
The Award has been given to the Bank in recognition of, initiating various preventive, participative vigilance and anti corruption measures, adherence of guidelines issued by RBI & CVC from time to time, leveraging software technolo

Posted Date :  09-03-17

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Comments (3)

  1. Lakshman singh

    Because of these preventive measures only the bank could able to unearth the fraud so early. Or else it would have been buried without anyone’s notice


    The bank officers have at least disclosed fraud courageously. They became vigilant years after fraud

  3. Anu

    Seriously…Vigilance Award???
    The bank officers did not notice the fraud in each yearly Audit since what ….2011?
    There was never any disconnect in reconciliation of accounts when there was movement of money in billions?
    PNB did not do any favours by disclosing the fraud at this late dates, that is not vigilance.
    Vigilance is when there is a reconciliation difference of 10 paise and there is an uproar, because the money does not belong to the bank, it belongs to the depositors.

    Every Paise Should Count!!!

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