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Dear Sir,

Subject: Filing of Income Tax Without Aadhaar

You allotted me a Permanent Account Number to track my financial transactions and returns more than 25 years ago. You know from my returns history that I have filed my Income Tax returns for more than 25 years.

While I have paid all my taxes fully, as always, this year you are making it impossible for me to file my returns without an Aadhaar.

You undoubtedly know that neither the UIDAI, nor any other government authority have verified, certified or audited the demographic or biometric data associated with any Aadhaar number. Surely, you know that Justice P.B.Sawant, retired justice of the Supreme Court, has highlighted that at least 58 crore Aadhaar numbers are suspect and enable money laundering and siphoning of subsidies and money from bank accounts.

You must also have taken cognizance of the fact that the UIDAI cannot provide any information about the primary documents used as Proof of Identity or Address to obtain an Aadhaar, that it has told the Delhi and Mumbai High Courts that they cannot identify anyone uniquely with the biometrics they store, and that it is not the role of anyone in UIDAI to identify anyone.

This is not only cause to question what legitimate purpose is accomplished by using Aadhaar, it places everyone in the country in disproportional risk by the continued use of Aadhaar.

Undoubtedly you too conclude that, under these circumstances, the Use of Aadhaar does not and cannot serve any legitimate, proportionate, legal purpose, public interest, or any national interest. 

I have prepared my returns and await your instructions providing me a means to file them with the Permanent Account Number, as you have done for decades, without insisting on Aadhaar. I also urge you to end the exposure of every Indian to unprecedented risk created by requiring them to obtain an Aadhaar, link an Aadhaar to PAN or any financial transactions, or allowing the use of Aadhaar for any financial transactions.

I thank you for your kind attention, support and actions to free me from disproportionate risks and taking steps to protect me, and the country, from the fraud of Aadhaar.

Thanking you.