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In a series of joint statements, numerous intellectuals and artistes have stepped away from political neutrality and stuck their neck out to take a position


Over 800 hundred filmmakers from across India issued a joint statement urging voters to “do everything in their capacity to keep this harmful regime from coming back to power” and asked them to instead choose “a government that respects the Constitution of India, protects our freedom of speech and expression, and refrains from all kinds of censorship”.

The signatories include Kaala and Kabali director Pa. Ranjith, documentary filmmaker Anand Patwardhan, S Durga director Sanal Kumar Sasidharan,editor Bina Paul, Malayalam director Aashiq Abu, Tamil director Vetri Maaran, Punjabi filmmaker Gurvinder Singh, art director Kabir Singh Chowdhry, and independent filmmakers Praveen Morchhale and Deepa Dhanraj, among others.


Over 200 writers appealed to voters to reject “hate politics” in a joint statement. “Vote out the division of our people; vote out inequality; vote against violence, intimidation and censorship. This is the only way we can vote for an India that renews the promises made by our Constitution. This is why we appeal to all citizens to vote for a diverse and equal India,” the statement, carried by the Indian Cultural Forum, read. The signatories include Amitav Ghosh, Romila Thapar, Arundhati Roy, Jerry Pinto, Keki Daruwalla, Harsh Mander, Ranjit Hoskote, R Unni, Anand Teltumbde, Zoya Hasan and Girish Karnad.


The latest to join the chorus of asking the voters to reject “hate politics” are 600 theatre artistes, including names like Naseeruddin ShahAmol Palekar, Anurag Kashyap, Konkona Sen Sharma, Ratna Pathak Shah and Anamika Haksar. In a joint statement, the artistes stated that “the seeds of hatred have entered our food, prayers, and festivals,” emphasizing that the upcoming elections are “the most critical in the history of independent India.”

The statement read: “We, theatre practitioners of India, appeal to the people of India to help safeguard the Constitution and our syncretic, secular ethos. We appeal to our fellow citizens to vote for love and compassion, for equality and social justice, and to defeat the forces of darkness and barbarism… Our appeal – vote bigotry, hatred, and apathy out of power. Vote against the BJP and its allies. Vote to empower the weakest, protect liberty, protect the environment, and foster scientific thinking. Vote for secular democratic, inclusive India. Vote for the freedom to dream. Vote wisely.”

Anand Patwardhan

Vetri Maaran

Sanal Kumar Sasidharan

Pa Ranjith

Girish Karnad

Arundhati Roy

Amitav Ghosh

Naseeruddin Shah

Konkona Sen Sharma

Ratna Pathak Shah

Anurag Kashyap

Vinay Pathak

Amol Palekar


So some people from my fraternity have issued a letter for public to vote out the present constitutionally-elected government in the coming elections. In other words they are officially campaigning for opposition parties. Good!! At least there are no pretensions here. Great



If I join politics, I might think of contesting from Vadodara in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, just because of the love and affection people gave PM Narendra Modi when he contested from here ———–I am of course a Modi fan, but I may not be a bhakt


600 theatre artists are unhappy. Pl read their letter in the attached blog and tell me what’s wrong with their statement? Can you?




Names like Kalki Koechlin, Zeeshan Ayub, Renuka Shahane, Amol Gupte, Anupama Chopra, Vishal Dadlani, Sayani Gupta, Swara Bhasker, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Nandita Das and Vikramaditya Motwane participate in a video urging people to vote and use their vote wisely.

(Quoting Rahat Indori) Sarhadon par bahut tanaav hai kya, kuch pata toh karo chunaav hai kya… Don’t be misled, focus on the issues that are important for the future of India. Don’t let them tell you it’s about blowing up some satellite, don’t let them tell you it’s about a war-like situation… What is important is education, healthcare, welfare, farmers


Bina soche har kisi ko note mat do aur bina samjhe har kisi ko vote mat do


Aaj aise log bahut shor macha rahe hain jinhe vishwas hi nahi hai hamare samvidhaan mein, jinke liye iss desh ke mayne kuch aur hi hain… Woh hinsa ka prachaar karte hain, hinsa karte hain


Chunaav hote rahein har paanch saal mein, aisa na ho ki yeh desh ka aakhri chunaav ho aur hamara samvidhaan badal jaye. Iss samvidhaan ko, iss desh ko bachaane ke liye, please vote deejiyega zaroor


Joint statement by visual artists in India against hate politics

Answering to the need of the hour visual artists from across the length and breadth of India have come together in one voice to give voice to their anguish at the current state of affairs and appeal to the public at large to vote for progressive, secular and egalitarian parties that are best placed to defeat BJP and its NDA allies in the upcoming general elections. Visual art has always taken a lead in shaping the narrative of the nation. Be it the iconic works by Abanindranath Tagore in the pre-independence era to the reformative works of parallel cinema, it has always taken a stand for the common good of the nation and never shied away from ushering changes in society. In that very same spirit, today, we as visual artists are taking a stand for saving the constitutional structure from the assault of fascist forces.

An appeal to the people of India to save democracy 

                       We stand at a critical juncture in our national history on the eve of a make or break election. The results will either take it forward towards our constitutional ideals or back to a brute majoritarian ideal of a so-called “naionalism”. We therefore make this impassioned appeal to our fellow citizens to save th soul of our nation from being permanently scarred by attempts to undermine our Constitution and assaults on what we hold most dear. In the last few years we have seen concerted attacks on freedom of expression, imposition of a theocratic state, unchecked mob-lynchings, state-sanctioned terror against the most vulnerable sections of society, and corporatisation of India’s national assets. The BJP-led government has created a pervasive atmosphere of fear and all-consuming hatred, which has infiltrated our homes. We believe that this sustained regressive agenda is to impose an intolerant, mono-culture and destroy our rich and diversified social fabric. We do not wish to see it a day more in office. This is thus an appeal to all thinking citizens to see through their subterfuge and vote for change.
When Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently claimed that not a single instance of “Hindu terror” could be found in the history of our country, he in a way admitted that the Bharatiya Janata Party considers itself to be an exclusive party for Hindus and their brand of Hindutva. He of course conveniently overlooked Nathuram Godse’s connection to the Hindu Mahasabha. Even if for a moment were we to believe that the BJP and its minions that form the Hindutva brigade can’t be held responsible for promoting the reign of terror and communal violence that has rocked the country in recent times, there are enough reasons for us to doubt those claims of innocence given the growing incidents of murders of those who oppose the attempt to stem the flow of their bigotry like Gauri Lankesh, Kalburgi, Pansare and Dabholkar.
It would be a Herculean task to list the wreckage caused by the current NDA government given its abject track record since 2014. It has miserably failed to deliver on any front except on optics. To begin with, we have had the colossal disaster of demonetization. While the move was meant to unearth black money, it continues to be in circulation as ever before, while the government has not deemed it necessary to account for the huge losses owing to the ill-conceived move. The legitimate demands of farmers have not been met, and they are being driven to suicide almost on a daily basis. Corruption has been rampant. The Rafale scam has exposed it at the highest level. Panama papers received no attention in spite of a significant Indian presence. Mehul Choksi, Vijay Mallya and Nirav Modi, among others, were allowed to flee the country, together with their loot.
State-owned institutions across a wide range of fields from HAL to ONGC and from BSNL to the finest of universities have suffered due to bad policies and undue interference. Unemployment is raging, incomes are stagnant, prices are rising, welfare schemes are dysfunctional, RTI laws have been diluted, labour issues have gone unaddressed, environmental laws have been grossly violated, and the list goes on. There has been rampant privatization while crony capitalism has been encouraged. The Prime Minister, meanwhile, spent a large part of his tenure pursuing dubious foreign policy initiatives, while more important core domestic issues that affect the poor and the disadvantaged were completely neglected.
The NDA government at the centre, and the governments that it has formed in various states, have attempted to cover up their failures by resorting to blatant lies, misinformation and cooked-up statistics. The central government has interfered with the functioning of autonomous institutions and constitutional bodies to further its self-interest and wield power, be it the RBI, the CBI, the ED or educational institutions. Even statistics are now not sacrosanct but are being conveniently changed to suit the narrative. There have even been attempts to interfere with the judiciary and emasculate and even manage the Election Commission.
The curriculums in schools and universities have been revised to promote Hindutva and key appointments to academic bodies and cultural institutions have been made disregarding norms, to fulfill the broad aims of the RSS. Those owing allegiance to the Hindutva brigade now are at the helm of key art and cultural institutions of the country. We artists condemn, in particular, the waste of public money on fancy cultural art projects and statues taken up by the BJP and its allies. These funds could have been far better utilized for more aesthetically appealing works of lasting significance.
The BJP has been quite vocal about its practices of misogyny, bigotry and Islamophobia and communal polarization is at an all-time peak. Violence based on caste prejudice is the new normal. Terms like love-jihad, gau hatyare, tukde-tukde gang or urban Naxals are coined to incite violence on any flimsy ground against Dalits, Muslims, intellectuals, social activists, artists, writers and vulnerable sections of society. And in almost all the cases the perpetrators of crime and violence have no fear of law and are allowed to go scot free. The concept of an ideal Indian woman being a passive actor with no agency is glorifed, while women are raped brazenly. Ordinances are brought in breach of established parliamentary norms to polarize the polity. Fake encounters are considered a part of normal policing. In a nutshell, the rule of law is dead.
We believe that the first step towards restoring our democratic traditions as envisioned by our forefathers is to vote out the current government lock, stock and barrel and usher in a new and inclusive government that respects democracy and secular values.
We therefore fervently request you to vote against the BJP, and vote strategically for whichever party stands the best chance of defeating the BJP in your region. On the day of voting, do keep a check on any violations of electoral laws. This is perhaps the most important election that India has ever faced. It is an opportunity to save our democratic polity, protect liberty and our secular tradition. This is the only chance we have. Use it wisely.

An artist? Endorse the statement?
Your Email: (required)

An artist? Endorse the statement?
Your Email: (required)

Name, Place and Fraternity: (required)
Endorsed by:

1Aarti VirHyderabad
2Aban RazaDelhi
3Abhishek goswamiJaipur
4Abhijit TamhaneMumbai
5AbidMeerut. U.P
6Ajay Sharma BDelhi
7Ajit Kumar gKerala
8Ajithlal SivalalKerala
9Arjun Kumar SinghPunjab
10Akshay Shimpi.Mumbai
11Aman singh 
12Amit KumarDelhi
13Anindita BhattacharyaDelhi
14Anita DubeDelhi
15Anthony Nirmal.Vatican ,Rome
16Ankur rai,Mumbai
17Anoop Trivedi,Delhi.
18ArjunThrissur, Kerala
19ArunEranakulam (Kerala)
20Arunkumar H G,Dombekoppa / Gurgaon
21Ashok vajpayee,Delhi
22Ashok Bhowmik.Delhi
23Atreyee BhattachajeeChennai
24Atul BhallaDelhi
25Babu Eshwar PrasadFrom Bengaluru
26Bharati KapadiaMumbai
28Dakxin ChharaAhmedabad, Gujarat
29Debnath BasuHowrah(W.B.)
30Deepak John MathewHyderabad
31Dharm Prakash,Delhi
32Dhiraj SinghDelhi NCR
33Firoz NediyathuLakshadweep
34Gagan Deep Singh SachdevaAmritsar, Punjab
35Georgina MaddoxDelhi
36Gigi ScariaDelhi
37Ghazanfar ZaidiDelhi
38Jayanto BanerjeeDelhi
39Hari Nair,Goa
40Iqbal Krishna
41Jalaja P SKerala
42Jayanto Banerjee
43Jacob ThottathilBangalore
44Jaswinder sharmaKalagram, chandigarh
45Jahangir JaniMumbai
46Johny MLDelhi and Trivandrum
47Kaushal K sonkariaDelhi
48Khandakar OhidaNew Delhi
51Kumar RanjanNew Delhi
52Lal BahadurFaridabad
53Lenin m.kIdukki, Kerala
54Lokesh JainDelhi.
56Manpreet Kaur SaundPunjab
57Manu K.Mysore
58manu parekh,Delhi
59Meena VarmaDelhi
61Moloy RakshitWest Bengal
62Murali Cheeroth.Bangalore
63Ngurang ReenaArunachal Pradesh
64Nikhileswar BaruahGuwahati/Vadodara
65Nuzhat KazmiDelhi
66Ogin NayamArunachal Pradesh.
67Orijit SenGoa
68Prakash Babu M.S.Bengaluru.
69Praveen KumarBangalore
70Pratap MoreyMumbai
73Purshottam Bhatt KAKADelhi
74Raam Jator .Chandigarh
75Rana Siddiqui ZamanDelhi
76Rahul ChaudhuryDelhi
77Rana sabyasachiHapur, UP
78Ranbir KalekaDelhi
79Randeep MaddokePanjab
80Ranjan KaulDelhi
81Ravikumar Kashi,Bangalore
82Ritesh RChandigarh
84Roshan GeorgeBangalore
85Saba HasanDelhi
New Delhi
88Sahar ZamanNew Delhi
89Saju KunhanMumbai.
90Samar S JodhaDelhi
91Samyak VermaDelhi
92Sanjeev KhandekarMumbai
93Saroj Kumar DasJalandhar
95Sayantani barmanNew delhi
96Shailesh B.OChennai
97Samar S Jodha
98Sharmistha,Currently based out Indore, MP.
99Shinooblived in mumbai, from kochi
100Shivaji Paniker
101Shujaat MirzaAhmedabad
102Shubhra ChaturvediDelhi
103Soumen BhowmickDelhi
104Sudheer Gupta.JNU, New Delhi
105Sujith SN.From Kerala
106Sukanya Ghosh,Kolkata
107Sumedh RajendranBased in New Delhi
108Sumitabha PalSantiniketan, West Bengal.
109Sumit KumarMumbai
110Suneel MamadapurHyderabad
112Suresh JayaramBangalore
113Tanmay TyagiDelhi
114Uttam GhoshMumbai
115Vikesh bohidar GhoshNew Delhi
116VishwasColumbia Asia.
117Vijaykumar KaliaDelhi
118Waseem jagrooKashmir
119Zargar ZahoorNew Delhi
120Zeeshan Hasan AkhtarNew Delhi

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Thursday, 4 April 2019

Joint statement by theatre practitioners of India..

In an unprecedented move, More than 700 theatre artists from every corner of this country have joined hands to make an appeal to all of you to vote out the divisive politics from power. The joint statement  in 12 languages (English, Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, Assamese, Telugu, Panjabi, Konkani,Urdu and Gujarati) and the names of the signatories are released on this site starting from 7pm, April 4th. 

An appeal to fellow citizen हिन्दी  |  தமிழ்  |  বাংলা   |   मराठी  |  മലയാളം  |  ಕನ್ನಡ |  অসমীয়া  | తెలుగు   | ਪੰਜਾਬੀ  |  कोंकणी  | اُردُو | ગુજરાતી 

Since colonial times, Indian theatre makers have celebrated India’s diversity through their work. We have done plays as part of the freedom struggle, we have taken on social ills through our art, we have stood for social equity and inclusion, we have struck a blow at patriarchy, brahmanism and caste oppression. Theatre makers in India have a long and proud tradition of standing against forces of religious sectarianism, chauvinism, narrowness and irrationality. We have spoken from the margins, we have spoken of the margins. With song and dance, with humour and pathos, with compelling human stories, we have, for over a hundred and fifty years, imagined a secular, democratic, inclusive and just India.

Today, that very idea of India is under threat. Today, song, dance, laughter is under threat. Today, our beloved Constitution is under threat. The institutions that have to nurture argument, debate and dissent have been suffocated. To question, to call out lies, to speak the truth, is branded ‘anti-national’. The seeds of hatred have entered our food, prayers and festivals. The ways in which this hatred has seeped into our daily fabric are alarming and it has to STOP.

The coming elections are without doubt the most critical in the history of independent India. A democracy must empower its weakest, its most marginalised. A democracy cannot function without questioning, debate, and a vibrant opposition. All this is being concertedly eroded by the current government. The BJP, which came to power five years ago with the promise of development, has given free rein to Hindutva goons to indulge in the politics of hate and violence. The man who was portrayed as the saviour of the nation five years ago has destroyed the livelihoods of millions through his policies. He promised to bring back black money; instead, rogues have looted the country and run away. The wealth of the rich has grown astronomically, while the poor have become even poorer.

We, theatre practitioners of India, appeal to the people of India to help safeguard the Constitution and our syncretic, secular ethos. We appeal to our fellow citizens to vote for love and compassion, for equality and social justice, and to defeat the forces of darkness and barbarism.

Our appeal – vote bigotry, hatred, and apathy out of power. Vote against the BJP and its allies. Vote to empower the weakest, protect liberty, protect the environment, and foster scientific thinking. Vote for secular democratic, inclusive India. Vote for the freedom to dream. Vote wisely.

Are you an artist? Like to endorse the statement? 

Your Email: (required) 

Name, Place and Fraternity: (required) 
Endorsed by: (Last updated – April 8 10.50am)

1Aamir AzizMumbai
2Aamir MallickMumbai
3Aarti AneyMumbai
4Aayush AgarwalDelhi
5Abanti ChakrabortyKolkata
6Abhijeet DeshpandeMumbai
7Abhijit SenguptaBangalore
8Abhijitsen GupthaBangalore
9Abhimanyu VinayakumarKerala
10Abhinand SKerala
11Abhinav GroverMumbai
12Abhinav SabyasachiDelhi
13Abhishek GoswamiJaipur
14Abhishek Majumdar
15Abhishek RangaprabhathKerala
16Abhishek ThaparMoga/Amsterdam
18Abir AbrarMumbai
19Abir AbrarMumbai
21Adat GopalanKerala
22Aditee Biswas
23Adnan SerkhotMumbai
24Adrija DasguptaWest Bengal
25Aishwarya Walvekar
26Ajay UdayanKerala
27Ajeesh AshokanKerala
28Ajeet Singh PalawatMumbai
29Ajitesh GuptaMumbai
30Ajithlal SivalalKerala
31Akanksha BansalDelhi
32Akash KhuranaMumbai
33Akhil Beniki
34Akriti SinghMumbai
35Akshay ShimpiMumbai
36Alam ShahChennai
37Aliyar KKerala
38Alka SharmaMumbai
39Amal C DasKerala
40Amal KrishnaKerala
41Amal MuttaraKerala
42Amal SasidharanKerala
45Amarjee RayDelhi
46Amba Suhasini Katoch JhalaDelhi
47Amey MehtaMumbai
48Amit SharmaBangalore
49Amita RanaDelhi
50Amitabh Pandey
51Amitesh KumarAllahabad
52Amla RoyShimla
53Amol Palekar
54Amruta MapuskarMumbai
55Amruta SantMumbai
56Anagha AcharekarMumbai
57Anamika HaksarMumbai
58Anantha KumarMadurai
59Aniket ChauhanDelhi
60Anil RamachandraBangalore
61Anima PagareMumbai
62Animesh VishalPune
63Anindita BhadraKolkata
64Anindya GuptaRanchi
65Anirban BhattacharyaMumbai
66Anirban KumarDelhi
67Anirban RoyKolkata
68Anirudh NairDelhi
69Anis Azmi
70Anish AnkurPatna
71Anish AntoChennai
72Anish VictorBangalore
73Anita Cherian
74Anita ShabdishChandigarh
75Anjana RajanDelhi
76Ankur BasharDelhi
77Annesha ChakrabortyKolkata
78Anshika RathoreJodhpur
79Anshuman Bhowmick
80Anuj ChopraDelhi
81Anuj NigamLucknow
82Anuja GhosalkarMumbai
83Anupam BarvePune
84Anuradha KapurDelhi
85Anuradha ParikhMumbai
86Anurag KashyapMumbai
87Anurupa RoyDelhi
88Anushree KushwahaMumbai
89Aparna JhaBangalore
90Apeksha VoraMumbai
91Aqib MirzaJaipur
92Arasu VChennai
93Archana PadminiKerala
94Archana PatelMumbai
95Ariharasuthan RTamil Nadu
96Ariindam ChakrabortiyMumbai
98Arshia Sattar
100Arun KalraDelhi
101Arun LalKerala
102Aruna Ganesh RamBangalore
103Aruna ManiTamil Nadu
104Arundhati GhoshBangalore
105Arundhati NagBangalore
106Arundhati RajaBangalore
107Arunkumar RayadurgamChennai
108Asad HussainMumbai
109Asha Kuthari ChauduryGuwahati
110Ashish AbrahamMumbai
111Ashish AthawleBengaluru
112Ashish GhoshDelhi
113Ashish MehtaPune
114Ashish SenBangalore
115Ashish SharmaDelhi
116Ashok LalDelhi
117Ashok MathurDelhi
118Ashok SinghChennai, Tamil Nadu
119Ashutosh PotdarPune
120Ashwini KasiTamil Nadu
121Asif Ali BegMumbai
122Asish MishraBihar
123Asmit PathareMumbai
124Astad DebooMumbai
125Atamjeet SinghLucknow
126Athul MKerala
127Atish IndrekarAhmedabad
128Atishay JainBuxwaha, MP
129Atul DilipGavali
130Atul KumarMumbai
131Atul PethePune
132Averee ChaureDelhi
133Avijit DuttDelhi
134Avik BhattacharyaWest Bengal
135Ayan BanerjeeKolkata
136Ayan RoyKolkata
137B. SureshBengaluru
139Baharul IslamAssam
140Bakul TailorGujarat
141Balachandra PadiyarBangalore
142Balachandran ParangodathThrissur
143Bantu (DP Soni), Jan Sanskriti ManchBaliya
144Barkha Swaroop SaxenaMumbai
145Basav BiradarBangalore
146Bhairava M Poojari, KalburgiKarnataka
147Bharath KashyapBangalore
148Bharati PerwaniMumbai
150Bhartendu Kashyaplucknow
151Bhavana RajendranBangalore
152Bhavani JanakiramChennai
153Bhavna Pani
154Bhumika DubeyMumbai
155Bhupesh BelagaliKarnataka
156Bhushan KorgaonkarMumbai
157Bhushan VikasMumbai
158Bidita BagMumbai
159Biju MKKerala
160Bikram GhoshDelhi
161Bilas NairKerala
163Birinchi Kumar GogoiAssam
164BoobalanTamil Nadu
165Brahma PrakashDelhi
166Brinda JacobBangalore
167Chanakya VyasBangalore
168Chandan Roy SanyalMumbai
172CharlesTamil Nadu
173Chetan Shah
174Chidambara Rao Jambe
175Chintan PandyaAhmedabad
176Chitra PalekarMumbai
177Choiti GhoshDelhi
178Dadi PudumjeeDelhi
179Daisy Irani Prof.Patna
180Dakshita GuptaMumbai
181Dakxin ChharaGujarat
182Daminee Benny BasuKolkata
183Dana RoyKolkata
184Danish HusainMumbai
185Danish IqbalNew Delhi
186Davis KAKerala
187Debesh ChattopadhyayWest Bengal
188Deepa GaneshBangalore
189Deepa PunjaniMumbai
190Deepak KabirLucknow
191Deepak KalaniKerala
192Deepak kumar vriksh
193Deepak RaiKarnataka
194Deepak VenkateshanMumbai
195Deepika KumaravelChennai
196Denzil SmithMumbai
197Dev RajoraJaipur
198Devasheesh MisraLucknow
199Devika STamil Nadu
200Devina KapoorMumbai
201Devrajan YadavJaipur
202Dhamma RakshitMumbai
204Dhananjay SableMumbai
205Dharmakirti Yashwant SumantPune
206Dhruv KalraMumbai
207Dhruv VermaDelhi
208Dhwani VijDelhi
209Dileep ChilankaKerala
210Dileepan KatambazhippuramKerala
212Dipanwita Nathkolkata
213Divya GKerala
214Divya JagdaleMumbai
216Divyesh VijayakarMumbai
217Dolly ThakoreMumbai
218Dr Narayanan MV
219Dr Rupa A, Naataka SalaiTamil Nadu
220Dr Shailesh JoshiMumbai
221Dr VenugopalanMumbai
222Dr. SajeeshKerala
223Dr. Sitanath LahkarAssam
224Dr. Sumedh MKMumbai
225Dr. VijayaBengaluru
226Elambarithi RPuducherry
228Er. Rajesh KumarLucknow
229Ernesto ManiTamil Nadu
230Esthappen SNew Delhi
231EswaranTamil Nadu
232Faezeh JalaliMumbai
233Faredoon Dodo BhujwalaMumbai
234Firoz Alam
235Firoz Ashraf KhanPatna
236Flora AchutBangalore
237Fouzia DastangoDelhi
238Gandharv DewanMumbai
240Ganesh ShenoyBengaluru
241Gargi BharadwajDelhi
242Gargi BhattacharyaOrissa
244Gautam BhattacharyaDelhi
245Gautam SarkarKolkatta
246Geetanjali Kulkarni
248Geetha VChennai
249Geetika VidyaMumbai
250Gerish KhemaniMumbai
251Girish KarnadBangalore
252Girish PardesiPune, Maharashtra
253Girish SharmaMumbai
254Gita GuhaWest Bengal
255Gitika Debnath
256Gobi GPuducherry
257Gopan ChidambaramKerala
258Gopi KuttikkolKerala
259Guhan NavaneethanTamil Nadu
260Gulan KripalaniKolkata
261Gurcharan SinghChandhigar, Punjab
262Gurdeep Singh SehraDelhi
263Gurleen JudgeMumbai
264Hanif PatniMumbai
265Hans KaushikTamil Nadu
266Hari KBKerala
267Harish, Naataka SalaiTamil Nadu
268Harleen KohliChandhigar
269Harsh Khurana
270Harshad TambeMumbai
271Harshita VajpayeeJaipur
272Hasan ImamPatna
273Hasan ZaidiMumbai
274Hazim AmaravilaKerala
275Heeba ShahMumbai
276Hidayat SamiMumbai
277Himanshu B JoshiDelhi
278Himanshu KohliMumbai
279Hridaynath JadhavMumbai
280IK BolwarPuttur, Karnataka
281Imran AhmedAssam
282Imran KhanDelhi
283Imran RasheedMumbai
284Inder Salim
285Indrayudh GhoshalBangalore
286Ipshita Chakravorty SinghMumbai
287Iqbal NiyaziMumbai
288Iqbal QwajaMumbai
289Irawati KarnikMumbai
290Irfan MujawarSangli, Maharashtra
291Isha PungaliyaPune
294Jagdish RajaBangalore
295Jai GaneshTamil Nadu
296Jaimini PathakMumbai
297Jameel GulraysMumbai
299JayalalithaChennai, Tamil Nadu
300Jayalalitha, KalaikuzhuChennai
301Jayant KripalaniKolkata
302Jayant PawarMumbai
303Jayaprakash PDMumbai
304Jaydev TanejaDelhi
305Jeetendra Kumar PrayagrajAllahabad
306Jeevan lal YadavChampa
308Jeny DollyChennai
309Jino JoseKerala
310Jofin ManimalaChennai
311Jomet K JohnsonKerala
312Jose KoshyKerala
313Joy MathewKerala
314Joy SenguptaMumbai
315Joyraj BhattacharjeeKolkata
316Jyoti RanaDelhi
317K B JoyKerala
318K GirishKerala
319K R SubashKerala
320Kabir ThakoreAhmedabad
321Kafeel JafriBangalore
322Kailash, KalaikuzhuChennai
323Kaizaad KotwalMumbai
324Kajal GhoshKokata
325Kalaivani, Naataka SalaiTamil Nadu
326KalaiyappuChennai, Tamil Nadu
327KalilashChennai, Tamil Nadu
328Kalpak BhaveMumbai
329Kalyanee MulayMumbai
330Kani KusrutiKerala
331Kannan NayarKerala
332Kapil Pandey
333Karan TalwarMumbai
334Karen D’MelloBangalore
335Karuna Prasad K STamil Nadu
336Katy Lai RoyKolkata
337Katyayani PrabhakarDelhi
338Kaustubh NaikGoa
339Kavalam PadmanabhanNCR Delhi
340Kavin MalarChennai
341Kavitha LankeshKarnataka
342Kavya AchuthKarnataka
343Kazim Behroop
344Kesavan P NKerala
345Ketan V KambleMumbai
346Keval AroraDelhi
347Kirtana KumarBangalore
348Kirti JainDelhi
349Kishor SahitGoa
350Kismat BanoGuwahati
351Kitu GidwaniMumbai
352KK KohliDelhi
353KK RajanBhopal
354Komita DhandaDelhi
355Konkona Sen SharmaMumbai
356Koumarane ValavanePuducherry
357Krishna DevanadanAuroville, Puducherry
358Krishnamurthy K GKarnataka
359Kriti PantDelhi
360Kshitiz vatsaDelhi
361Kuljeet SinghDelhi
362KumananTamil Nadu
363KV GaneshKerala
364Lakshmi SriramanUSA / Tamil Nadu
365Lapdiang SyiemShillong, Meghalaya
366Leenaz Samad BichaKarnataka
367Lillette DubeyMumbai
368Living Smile VidyaSwitzerland
369Lokesh JainDelhi
370Lokesh ShevdeNasik
371Lovleen MisraMumbai
372M K RainaDelhi / Jammu & Kashmir
373M V NarayananKerala
374Maala ParvathyKerala
375Madhan ManiChennai
376Madhavi MenonDelhi
377Mahabanoo Modi-KotwalMumbai
378Mahendra Walunj
379Mahesh DattaniMumbai
380Mahesh ElkunchwarNagpur
381Mahesh GhodeswarAhmedabad
382Mahinder PalLucknow
383Maisnam Joy MeeteiManipur
384Makrand DeshpandeMumbai
385Makrand SathePune
386Mallika PrasadKarnataka
387Mallika Taneja
388Mamta SagarBangalore
390Manaswini Lata RavindraPune
391Manav KaulMumbai
392Mandakini Goswami
393Mandeep RaikhyDelhi
394Mangai ATamil Nadu
395Manikandan NellaiTamil Nadu
396Manish ShrivastavaDelhi
397Manisha Korde
398Manisha ShekhawatJaipur
400Manjima ChatterjeeNoida, Uttar Pradesh
401Manju Yadav
402Manjunath VMBangalore
404Manoj ShahMumbai
405ManojkumarPalakkad, Kerala
406Manu JoseKerala
407Manu VenugopalKerala
408Maulikraj ShrimaliGujarat
409Maya RaoDelhi
410Medha AgarwalBangalore
411Meenal SahuMumbai
412Meera KrishnamurthiChennai
413Meher Acharia-DarMumbai
414Mini ChandranKerala
415Mita VasishtMumbai
416Mohammad FaheemDelhi
417Mohammed KhanMumbai
419Mohd. Zeeshan AyyubMumbai
420Mohit TakalkarPune
421Moloy Mitra24 Parganas North, West Bengal
422Moloyashree HashmiDelhi
423Mona ChawlaDelhi
424Monidip Das SumonTripura
425Mridula BhardwajLucknow
426Mrityunjay PrabhakarDelhi
427Mu RamaswamyMadurai
428Muhammed ShibilKerala
430Mukta NarvekarKolhapur
432MurugaboopathyTamil Nadu
434Muthamizh Kalai VizhiChennai
435MuthumoorthyTamil Nadu
436N K SharmaDelhi
438Nagesh BhosleMumbai
439Naman JainMumbai
440Namrata SumirajMumbai
442Nandini Banerjee
443Narayan KharadeGoa
444Narippatta RajuKerala
445Naseeruddin ShahMumbai
446Natasha SinghMumbai
447Naushil MehtaMumbai
448Naval Kishore VyasBikaner
449Naveen Baigana, YugmanchNainital
450Naveen KishoreKolkata
451Navtej JoharDelhi
452Neel ChaudhuriDelhi
453Neelesh DeepakDelhi
454Neeraj KunderSidhi
455Neeraj ShirvaikarMumbai
456Neha SinghMumbai
457NIkhil KataraMumbai
458Nikhil PandeyMumbai
459Nikhita SinghMumbai
460Niloufer Sagar
461Nimi Ramneek
462Nimi RavindranBangalore
463Nimmy RaphelPuducherry
464Ninasam AksharaHeggodu, Karnataka
465Nirmali sarma
466Nisam Asaf K.JDelhi
467Nisha AbdullaBangalore
468Nisha DharMumbai
469Nitesh NaikGoa
470Nitheesh KKerala
471Nitin GuptaMumbai
472Nitin JadhavMumbai
473Noel SenguptaDelhi
474Noor ZaheerDelhi
475Nuhar Bansal,Bangalore
476Om PareekKolkata
477Omkar Govardhan
478Omkar BhatkarMumbai
479Ooty ManiTamilnadu
480Padma DamodaranMumbai
481Padmavati RaoBangalore
482Pankaj JhaMumbai
484Paro AnandDelhi
485Partha Pratim Mitra
487Parvez AkhtarPatna
488Piyush SinghPatna
489Poile SenguptaBangalore
490Pooja NairMumbai
491Poonam GirdhaniDelhi
492Prabahan ShakyaDelhi
493Prabhjot SinghDelhi
494Pradeep Mulye
495Pradeep TipturKarnataka
496PragadheeswaranTamil Nadu
497Pragya TiwariDelhi
498Prakash BareKerala / Karnataka
499PralayanTamil Nadu
500Pramod KalePune
501Pramod PathakMumbai
502Pranav RajKerala
503Prasanna D
504Prasanna RamaswamyChennai
505Prashant PrakashDelhi
506Prathap RajKrishnagiri, TN
507Pratibha SharmaMumbai
508Praveen Kumar VadheraMumbai
509Pravin KalokheNashik, Maharashtra
510Pravin KPChennai
511Pravin Kumar GunjanBegusarai, Bihar
512Pravin ShekharDelhi
513Pravin ShekharAllahabad
514Preethi AthreyaChennai
515Preeti AgarwalDelhi
516Prem PrasadKerala
517Prema RevathiNagappattinam, Tamil Nadu
518Premanand GajveeNagpur
519Prerna VirendraPune
520Pritham ChakravartiHyderabad / Tamil Nadu
521Priti BakalkarMumbai
523Priyanka BabbarMumbai
524Priyanka CharanMumbai
525Priyanka PathakDelhi
526Priyansh SeharDelhi
527Probir GuhaWest Bengal
528Pruthu ParabMumbai
529Pugazh ShankarChennai
530Puja SarupMumbai
532Punj Prakash, DastakPatna
533Purav GoswamiAssam / Delhi
535Purva NareshMumbai
536Pushan KripalaniMumbai
537Quasar Thakore PadamseeMumbai
538Rabiya JayaramBangalore
539Rachel DsouzaMumbai
541Ragini Singh KhushwahaMumbai
542Rahul RaiMumbai
543Rahul ThomasBangalore
544Rajashekar G, Naataka SalaiTamil Nadu
545Rajeev KrishnanChennai
546Rajeev NaikMumbai / Pune
547Rajendran K SDelhi / Tamil Nadu
548RajeshChennai, Tamil Nadu
549Rajesh AzhikkodanKerala
550Rajesh KumarLucknow
551Rajesh NavathKerala
552Rajesh SharmaKerala
553Rajesh ShrivastaBhilai
554Rajesh VallachiraKerala
555Rajesh, KalaikuzhuChennai
556Rajiv velichettiHyderabad
557Rajkumar RajakAllahabad
558Rajneesh SahilDelhi
559Rakesh DalawaiBangalore
560Rakesh VedaLucknow
561Ram SaidpurePune
562Ramachandra, KeliMumbai
564Ramesh Talwar
565Ramneek singhBangalore
566Ramu RamanathanMumbai
567Ramya ThayammaChennai
568Randeer KumarPatna
569Randhir KharePune
570Ranganath SL (Ninasam)Karnataka
571Ranjna PandeyDelhi
573Rasika AgasheMumbai
574Rasiya Padalkar, PratyayKolhapur
576Ratna PanikkarNCR Delhi
577Ratna Pathak ShahMumbai
578Ratnabali BhattacharjeeMumbai
580Ravi Kumar PathakAllahabad
581Ravikiran RajendranBangalore
582Ravinder SinghDelhi
583Rebecca SpurgeonBangalore
584Rector Kathuria LudhianaPunjab
585Reetha BalsaverMumbai
586Regin RoseTamil Nadu
587Reju SivadasKerala
588Renu RamanathanKerala
589Rikimi MadhukaillyaMumbai
590Ritesh MalaneyMumbai
591Ritesh RChandigarh
592Rochana MoreDelhi
593Rohini MolletiChennai
595Ruchira DasKolkata
596Rustom Bharucha
597S RaghunandanaBangalore
598Sabyasachi ChakrabartyKolkata
599Sachin JaiswalLucknow
600Sachin Lele
601Sadanand MenonChennai
602Sadiya SiddiquiMumbai
603Sahej RahalMumbai
604Saji ThulasidasKerala
605Sajitha MadathilKerala
606Salim ShahMumbai
607Salima RazaMumbai
608Sambhaji BhagatMaharashtra
609Sameera IyengarMumbai
610Samik Bandopadhyay
611Sampath Kumar.MChennai
612Samta Rai, ChorusPatna
613Samyak VermaDelhi
614Samyuktha PC
615Sanal AmanKerala
616Sandeep RawatDelhi
617Sandeep ShikharBangalore
618Sandesh KulkarniMumbai
619Sangeeta TipleNagpur
620Sangita JaiswalLucknow
621Sania HashmiDelhi
623Sanjay SinhaPatna
624Sanjeev NairBangalore
625Sanjna KapoorMumbai
626Sanjoy GanguliCalcutta
627Sanjukta WaghMumbai
628Sankar VenkateswaranKerala
629Santanil GangulyCalcutta
630Santanu DasKalyani, West Bengal
631Santanu GhatakMumbai
632Santanu MallickDelhi
633Santhosh VenjaramoodKerala
634Sapan SaranMumbai
635Sarah HashmiMumbai
636Saran RajChennai
637Sarath sarathy
638Sarika SinghMumbai
639Saritha KukkuKerala
640Sasi MGKerala
641Sasidharan NaduvilKerala
642Sasikumar VallikkatteKerala
643Satakshi NandyKolkata
644Satchit PuranikMumbai
645Sateesh ChavanBijapur
646Satheesan AMumbai
647Satheesh KKerala
648Satheesh KumarMumbai
649Sathwik N NBangalore
650Satish AlekarPune
651Satish TipturaKarnataka
652Satnam Singh, RohthakHaryana
653Saurabh NayyatMumbai
654Savitri Medhatul
655Seema BiswasMumbai
656Seema Rajoria
657Seetanshu SalunkeKalyan, Maharashtra
659Semmalar AnnamTamil Nadu
660Senthil KumarTamil Nadu
661Shabnam VadheraMumbai
662Shafaat Khan
663Shahana ChatterjeeKolkata
664Shahnawaz AlamMumbai
665Shailaja JalaKerala
666Shaili Sathyu
667Shajith RBKerala
668Shakti BhardwajLucknow
669Shanta GokhaleMumbai
670Sharad BhuthadiaKolhapur
671Sharad RajMumbai
672Sharmistha SahaMumbai
673Shashank RaiDelhi
674Shashidhar BharighatBengaluru
675Shashidhar KumarBangalore
676Sheeba SiddiquiMumbai
677Sheena Khalid
678Shekh SohailDelhi
679Shena GamatDelhi
680Shiva PathakBangalore
681Shivaprakash H. SDelhi, Karnataka
682Shripad ChaudhariMumbai
683Shrunga B VBangalore
684Shruti BijnoriaMumbai
686Shubham TiwariLucknow
687Shuddho BanerjeeKolkata
688Shyama KrishnaKerala
690Siddharth Kumar PalAllahabad
691Sikandar KhanMumbai
692Sitaram SinghPatna
693Siva SankarChennai
694Sivan KangolKerala
695Sivan VenkitanguKerala
696Sivaprasad SPKerala
697Smitha M BabuKerala
698Sneha, Naataka SalaiTamil Nadu
699Sonal KharadeMumbai
700Sonali BhardwajMumbai
701Sonam StobgaisLadakh
702Souradeep RoyDelhi, Kolkata
704Spatica RamanujamBangalore
705Srabanti BhattacharyaKolkata
706Sravasti BanerjeeKolkata, Mumbai
707Sreehari AjithMumbai
708Sreeja ArangottukaraKerala
709Sreejith RamananKerala
710Sreekanth SKerala
711Sreekumar PKKerala
713Srijith SundaramTamil Nadu
714Srinivas DenchanalaHyderabad
715Sruti BalaAmsterdam
716StalinChennai, Tamil Nadu
717Steven S. GeorgeDelhi
718Subodh LalDelhi
720Sudeep ModakMumbai
721Sudeshna Banerjee
722Sudhanva DeshpandeDelhi
723Sudhya Satya GhoshKolkata
724Sudipto ChatterjeeKolkata
725Sugumar ShanmugamPuducherry
726Suhaas AhujaMumbai
727Suhita ThatteMumbai
728Sujay SapleMumbai
729Sukant GoelMumbai
730Sukhesh AroraDelhi
731Suman KumarChandigarh
732Suman MukhopadhyayMumbai
733Sumit KumarDelhi
734Sumit Lai RoyKolkata
735Sunayana PremchanderBangalore
736Sunil HudgiKarnataka
737Sunil SKerala
738Sunil ShanbagMumbai
739Sunit SinhaDelhi
740Sunita SinghDelhi
741Sunu KhaderKerala
742Supriya ShuklaHyderabad
743Surendar MChennai
744Surendra Babu
745Surendra Rao TBangalore
746Suresh KanakoorMumbai
747Suresh MecheriKerala
748Suruchi AulakhMumbai
749Surya Mohan KulshreshthaLucknow
750Sushama DeshpandeMumbai
751Sushma RaoBangalore
752Susmita Bhattacharyya
753Suvarnnan ParavoorKerala
754Suvojit BandyopadhyayKolkata
755Swapnil JainJaipur
756Swapnil ShriraoMumbai
757Swati SimhaDelhi
758T SreekanthKerala
759T SureshbabuKerala
762Tanaji DasguptaKolkata
763Tanmay TyagiDelhi
764Tanveer AktarBihar
765Tarique HameedDelhi
766Timira GuptaMumbai
767Titas DuttaMumbai
768Tony Chawda
769Toral ShahMumbai
770Trideep LahkarGuwahati
771Twaha A MajeedDelhi
772Udhay Kumar PChennai
773Udit ParasharMumbai
774Udit YadavDelhi
776Usha GanguliKolkata
777Usham RojioManipur
778Vaishali BishtHyderabad
779Varsha AnandDelhi
780VasanthiChennai, Tamil Nadu
781Vasudev MenonPune
782Veda RakeshLucknow
784Velayudham SubramanianChennai
785Venkadesan, Naataka SalaiTamil Nadu
786Venkataramana Aithal BRKarnataka
787Venkatesh PrasadBangalore
788Venkiteswaran CSKerala
789Victo Lali AshaTamilnadu
790Vidyun SinghDelhi
791Vijay AnthonyChennai
792Vijay KenkreMumbai
793Vijay PadakiBangalore
794Vijay Ravikumarchennai
795VijayakumarTamil Nadu
796Vijaykumar KaliaDelhi
797Vijaykumar NaikGoa
798Viju VarmaTrivandrum
799Vikesh BajpaiLucknow
800Vikram IyengerKolkata
801Vikram KapadiaMumbai
802Vikram PhukanMumbai
803Vimala K SBangalore
804Vimala KSKarnataka
805Vinay ShuklaMumbai
806Vinay Kumar MishraLucknow
807Vinay PathakMumbai
808Vinod GandhiKerala
809Vinod KoshtiDelhi
810Vinod RanganathMumbai
811Vinod RavindranBangalore
812Virendra MokadamPune
813Virkien DharDelhi
815Vishal Patil, KalaburagiKarnataka
816Vishnu SKerala
817Vishwa BharathChennai
818Vivaan vaidyaMumbai
819Vivek JadhavMumbai
820Vivek MadanBangalore
821Vivek MansukhaniDelhi
822Vivek VijayakumaranKarnataka
823Vrajesh Hirjee
824Waris Ahmed ZaidiMumbai
825Yamuna NSChennai
826Yash ShuklaBaroda
827Yashpal SharmaMumbai
828Yazhini A NTamil Nadu
829Yogesh PandeyBihar
830Yugandhar DeshpandeMumbai
831Yuki ElliasMumbai
832Zafar MohiuddinBangalore
833Zaheer AnwarKolkata
834Zarin ShihabChennai
835Zulekha AllanaDelhi