Open letter to Modi by Yatin Oza -Ex-Modi confidante and Amit Shah’s mentor


Shri Narendra Modi,
Honble The Prime Minister of India,
7, Lok Kalyan Marg,
New Delhi.

Dear Narendra Bhai,

I hope this letter finds you in best of health and happiness.

On 8th of November 2016, after I heard your speech on demonetization, I was really very happy and from within complimented you for such a bold and historic step. Unfortunately, happiness did not last long. In the morning of 9th Nov, someone very near and dear informed me that yesterday i.e. on 8th Nov at around 12 in the afternoon wife of one of the leading industrialist of Ahmedabad in her presence came to a very leading jewellery shop and as per pre-order purchased gold worth 20 crores. Gold was ready and packed and it took two minutes to transfer gold and cash to each other. She was incidentally present at the shop buying pre ordered jewellery worth Rs. 5 lakhs. She is a doctor of a very high repute and eminence.

Having worked so closely with you and being a part of your kitchen cabinet at one point of time in past it immediately clicked to my mind that information of demonetization must have been conveyed well before announcement to your near and dear industrialist who in total controls 50% of black money of this country. Having spent whole day inquiring, thinking on the above lines the information that I gathered is shocking, by adhering to such a popularistic measure you have really befooled the people of this nation.

In fact your above move was to enrich your near and dear ones, your party and your party workers by apparently putting forward the national cause and interest. I have a video recording with me which will clearly and beyond reasonable doubt prove that all the near and close associates of Shri Amit Shah since 8th Nov till today are engaged into exchange business. There is a big queue outside their office and residence for conversion of black money into white at a discounted rate of 37%, people have queued up outside their office and residence. One has to go without identity with at least a sum of Rs. 1 Crore which will be counted by the employees and a bag containing Rs. 63 lakhs of valid denomination would be handed over. I could have easily parted with that video but as I know you, you will punish those standing in queue rather than booking those persons engaged in the business who are near and dear to Mr. Amit Shah. However, I will show the video to two or three senior journalists and intimate you about the same so that you can cross check and verify the genuineness of my statement from the journalists.

One who knows you would refuse to accept that the ban that you imposed on district co-operative banks yesterday was after you received an information that large scale irregularities and illegalities were committed at that level. Even your enemy would respect your ability, capacity and intelligence. One thing is certain that such an important aspect could not have been out of your mind. I for one knows very well that you will not act unless a complete blue print of your action is in your mind. All pros and cons of your action would very much be alive in your mind before you act. This in my respectful submission was permitted to be done in Gujarat because all district co-operative banks are controlled by people committed to BJP. These banks right from 9 PM on 8/11/2016 till 5 AM on 9/11/2016 exchanged Rs.500 and Rs.1000 currency notes against smaller denomination. You had through RBI called for the details of exact cash with denominations from all banks of the country on 08/11/2016. You yourself get it verified the veracity of my above statement. I assure you that if I am proved wrong I will tender a public apology.

To weed out any doubt in the mind of people of India that sharks and whales have been let off and that your dear and near industrialists were intimated well in advance about demonetization, you should inform the people of India by disclosure on the official website of Government of India about disclosure of above 1 Crore. I am sure that not one chairman or MD or director of first 300 fortune companies of India would make a disclosure and if they dont than my allegations stands proved. I saw people hungry and thirsty standing in queue for Rs. 4000 and small deposits but I did not find a single Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volvo, Porsche or Range rover outside any bank or any owner of the said vehicle in a queue either for withdrawal or deposit of money. In your opinion possibly the black money was hoarded only by those people in queue either at the ATM or with bank but not with owners of vehicles mentioned above. The people of this country would also like to know that apart from those fortune 300 industrialists how much money builders, contractors more particularly contractors who have been awarded government contracts, miners who are more particularly involved in iron ore mining, other industrialists and above all politicians and bureaucrats have deposited the money. Unless the people of this country have the above information as to who has deposited what amount, the allegation that the hoarders of 50% of black money i.e. those 10-12 like industries have been blessed by you by prior intimation will stand proved. Moreover, at least poor and helpless people who have stood outside the bank in queue for petty amount would like to know what is the amount of deposit made by those 10-12 industries whom you allotted the land worth more than 1 lakh crores and who did not generate between themselves employment worth 7000 people. The publication of deposits on website would also throw light as to who are the persons who have deposited 300 to 400 crores and what action Income Tax department would take if they deposits either do not match with the return or known source of Income. I request you to also inquire the purchase of gold & diamonds sold on 7th and 8th before 8 PM and by whom. This will enable people to think as to why few top notch needed purchase of huge amount of gold and diamonds.

Be kind and gracious enough to share the aforesaid information on the official website of the government of India so that people of this country may judge whether demonetization is for larger good of the country or for the benefit directly to you, your loved ones and your party workers.

Sincerely yours

Yatin Oza

  1. જે લોકો નરેન્દ્ર મોદીનાં નિણઁયનો વિરોધ કરી રહ્યા છે તેમના માટે ગુજરાતનાં લોકપ્રિય લેખક શ્રી જય વસાવડાએ લખેલ એક જ વાકય પુરતું છે..

    કુતરાં પકડવાની ગાડી આવે તો કુતરાં તો ભસવાનાં જ!!!

    (દેશનાં તમામ કાળા બજારીઓને સમપિઁત)

    • Yatin oza
      Why,in first place, you waited to publish this letter for 9 days. Its good that you were close to Modiji, once upon a time,but is that the reason that now you have dissociated him and you are not a party to his successful path breaking decision ,that’s why you feel jealous and hence this letter, Do some Soul searching bcoz your Ego hasn’t got enough feeding from Mr. Modi or Amit Shah, hence you are tweeting this letter ? If you had a video and have worked with Modiji and known his nature, on the same day I.e. on 8th you should have sent this video to him on Whats App or tweeter ? your way of doing it reveals your vingence for him .

  2. Lots of people are suspecting these possibilities and your letter talks about them. Until there is investigation we’ll not know. It’s like after 9/11 when Pakistan president supported anti terrorist operation and they got tons of money from USA. Later Pak journalist asked question about corruption and where money went. General /president replied that there is no corruption in Pakistan! Can anyone believe? Same is true for India as we speak.

  3. If Mr. Yatin Oza is having video and documentary evidence then why he is writing this letter to Mr Modi..He should file a PIL with all documents and evidence….

    • If Mr. Yatin Oza is having video and documentary evidence then why he is writing this letter to Mr Modi..He should file a PIL with all documents and evidence….
      I think ozs is mentally retardead

  4. stop lying you all are want to stop Modiji’s “DEVELOPEMENT RATH”……..and kya titile diya hai letter ko “Open letter to Modi by Yatin Oza -Ex-Modi confidante and Amit Shah’s mentor”…… such cheap publicity stant

    • What development is Modi doing? He has just flushed the economy down the toilet with this senseless decision.

  5. If Mr. Yatin Oza is having video and documentary evidence then why he is writing this letter to Mr Modi..He should file a PIL with all documents and evidence

  6. On Demonetization :there 3 Major Reasons to say its a Crazy Decision:
    1. Hasty Decision without planning but with Malafide intention for Political Gain.
    2. Deficiency of Trust [for Not taking ppl into confidence];
    3. Suspicious approach, a feeling of selective Targeting some;

  7. How much money this yatin oza got in total for selling these filth ideas and to betray his friend. If little more money is given he will even sell of his family also…

  8. Yatin Oza did the right thing and we should welcome all those who come out with facts> ‘ub bhi khizaan ka raaj hei lekin kahein kahein / goshei reh-e chamun mein gazal khwaan huwei tou hein (Faiz)

  9. Dear Mr.Midi u have taken a gr8 step regarding the denomination but in this stike did u really think that the people who really have to come out and surrender wat is illegal I haven’t seen anything like that because 3 days continuous I was standing in the queue to change my salary which came in thousands but in those 3 days I haven’t seen any high profile person coming or even bothered to change their money y I don’t think so that the high profile people have no currency with them rather then that only the working class that to lower working and people are worried for the same because their hand to mouth money is being stuck due to which they have to face a he’ll lot of problem

    • Dear Mohsin,
      Rich and high level people never stands in que in any circumstances. they have their servants to do it. So don’t try to show little knowledge and foolish arguments like real politicians kejari, mamata, Maya, Yadvi company and above all RaGa with forty thieves group.

      • Actually it would have been wiser and less troublesome for the people if only notes of Rs.1000 were demonetised. Most of the black money is held in that denomination. Commonmen would have suffered less.Now without Rs.500 notes, people are struggling in the market place.

      • Hey TRUE INDIAN….

        As u said rich ppl are having servants to do it!!!! Ru u still live in British Rule… If Government made the rule that the money exchange or deposit will be made by respective person and if other person deposits the money into anyone else rather then his/her account then he will be penalise. So as per this norms where are the So called Rich ppl… Or u mean to say that the bank will go to their home to provide banking services if yes then why the HELL the middle class or poor ppl can’t get this service… if u Dnt feel pinch for poor person or Indian janta.. then pls change ur Title “TRUE INDIAN”…

    • My dear friend all the black money holder r trying their best all possibilities for roll back of this decision They wont out so easily as u know the penalty on it!! Some of them r trying thru their employee , servents , drivers etc etc but u see notices from IT to such accounts already started
      So pl wait n watch !!

  10. विशुद्ध बकवास के अतिरिक्त कोई तथ्य नही,सीता को वनवास दिलाने वाले धोबी का चरित्र चित्रण , इन तथ्यों को लेकर माननीय न्यायालय में जाएं ताकि दूध का दूध और पानी का पानी हो और अन्तरमन की ईर्ष्या को भी ठन्डक मिले |

  11. Mr. Oza, why any black Money holder will deposit his money in bank. He will let is go as by disclosing he will be more in trouble. Also will face jail term and likely that his other assets will come under IT lence. It’s only person with right Money will go to bank. Actual black Money in the system will be known only after 30 Dec I.e. money not deposit in bank.

  12. It seems Mr.oza is working on bahest of some opposition parties. What he is talking is a pure shit and nothing. Its a after thought and no fact.

  13. The best Comment for the above Article ( I will say article only as it has no base ) is from Shyam Rathi ……..Vikram is also right ,Also appreciated , True Indian, M.S.Shankaranarayana…..ETC………NAMO NAMO…………..

  14. Mr.True Indian (19.11.2016) Demonetised Currency in banks is being exchanged with specified IDs. You have to take original with one photocopy. This will be verified by bank officials. So there is no possibility of servants exchanging master’ s money . Actually rich people deposit Demonetised Currency in bank account and withdraw as required. There is higher limit of Rs.24000 a week. Rich people also have a choice to meet their daily needs by credit and debit cards.

  15. Why this chap is not going to the court and the police.
    Whats his credibility for public with these wild allegations without proof.

  16. I totally agree with mr.oza. all possible wrong doing is happening around… and nothing tht makes sense. Only the poor or small business owners r suffering. All the black money holders are simply getti g their old notes exchanged with new ones through people who r having huge stocks of new money (only god knows how and from where huge amounts of new notes r in their possession.)india is a cash driven economy.and in india all businessmen are seen with the view point of being thieves and wrongfully ammasing money. We , business men run factories tht gives hundreds of jobs to our fellow indians.and if we r using expensive cars, we have earned them. Its very simple. We r paying taxes to the tunes of crores… we should be respected and honoured by the gov. But all this can never happen. In advanced western countries the amount of tax a person pays gets ratings from the government.this helps them recieve preferences in situations…

  17. ન. મો. નો વીરોધ કરના રા રાજકીય પક્ષો જેટલો વીરોધ કરે તેટલી ન. મો. ની શક્તિ વધશે તેમને કોઈ રોકી નહીં શકે
    ડવે આના પછી ખાસ એ કહેવા નુ કે ભારત મા ભણતર ખુબજ મોધૂ થઈ ગયૂ છે ત્યારે સામાન્ય માતા પિતા માટે ખુબજ તકલીફ ઊભી થાય છે માટે સરકારી શાળા ઓની હાલત મા શુધારો કરે અને પ્રાઈવેટ શાળા ઓ જે પૈસા છાપવા ની મશીન ની જેમ ચલાવી રહયા છે તેઓ પર નજર ફેરવ જે થી આપણા દેશ ને સ્કીલ યૂવા ધન મળે
    જય હિન્દ
    વંદે મા તરમ્

  18. 20 crore rupees requires ten big suit cases to carry.
    And this can worth 75kg of gold.
    Ten suit cases and 75kg gold transferred in two minutes..!!
    I think she brought the cash in her hand bag and took the gold in her wallet..
    Mr Oza.
    Please be credible to yourself atleast when you make big charges.

  19. Mr. Yatin,

    If you are so resourceful about who’s keeping black money why don’t you show your strength to abolish it.

    Why don’t you disclose businessman and his doctor wife, and if information is from your near and dear than what he she was doing at jewellery shop?

    Those who have BMW, audi cars, don’t need cash to do daily transaction they buy form credit card or debit card.

    Co-operative banks have their own administrative body, and if you have good information than you should write names with proof.

    You want to become BIG gun in Khujliwal’s party, so you are are targeting names from.Which you will get more political mileage.

    Better use your brain!!!

  20. Mr Oza you are the embodiment of truth, hence whatever bullshit you say has to be truth and only truth and can’t be anything other than truth. Possibly due to this reason you don’t need to substantiate your claims with evidences.
    Challo in the next elections you will get max. votes pukka.

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  22. Dear sir,
    All the nearest and dear ones like BJP,RSS,Relance,Berocrots,and the unauthorised Financial company, where awere of the Demonitsation much before. Only the General population of our country is unaware Of the fact. How can a new RBI governer sign the 2000 rupees before surning in ? There are better brains then the one.

    • Governor cannot sign the Notes before assuming the office. The process took Six months and not the Printing of Notes. At least that much of common Sense we should have

  23. Modi is an asshole because anyone does this to poor is an asshole n all his membes put all them in jail fucking Hitler’s

    • Yes. Modi has holed your asshole so much big that you need nit have to even sit for shit all the black money which is holed in your asshole directly comes out automatically without any pressure but gives you lot of pain… Enjoy your asshole by fiddling with your short finger leisurely.

  24. Gone through the letter. Not surprised. You have worked in Kitchen Cabinet. So you have Idea how Modiji functions. Diwali was on 31st of October may be Order given earlier delivery got on 8th of November Benefit of Doubt. Any Business Man or Industrialist will not Sleep on Currency Notes he will Invest Money for Creation of Wealth. For exchanging Money Finance Manager or Accounts department takes care of the same. They do not have to Stand in the line for Exchanging the Same. How many Politicians have stood in the line for Exchanging Money. Only Rahul Gandhi Stood in A T M for withdrawing and not for Exchange. From day one he has assured the Nation no one will be spared. We have to believe him. When he came to Kozhikode/Calicut 30th September 2016 deadline was reminded after that no one should come to him even B J P leaders at the National Council Meeting. In earlier days when Telegram Service used to be Telegram Transfer was their and it would be coded message and at receiving branch it has to be decoded. Modiji has already assured the Nation no one will be spared so no need to name any particular person or entity. I hope you have read me properly and understood minutely. You can create a Smoke Screen. And truth will come out.

  25. Really I m v v suffering from anxiety about d future of Indian economy…what ll b d fate of downtrodden people of India in coming 1-2 months…not only but also me….me also running short of cash!!!!

  26. As BMW and Porsche were parked in front of kirana shop b4 demonitisation, that he is worried why such big vehicles not parked in front of bank… You are very funny