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Cultural Activist Utpal Baski arrested and produced before the court

Jaideep Deogharia, TNN | May 15, 2012, RANCHI: Cultural activist and executive member of the Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF) Uttpal Baski was produced before the chief judicial magistrate Giridih on Sunday following pressure mounting from the outfit and other human right activists. Denying allegations… Continue Reading →

Immediate Release: Women’s Delegation meets President Pratibha Patil # Sonisori

A delegation of women comprising of, Beinda Karat (M.P.), Annie Raja (NFIW), Uma Chakravarty, Vrinda Grover and Indira C, met with President Pratibha Patil today (14th  May), and handed over a memorandum, detailing the gross violation of the human rights… Continue Reading →

17-year old who saw his mother raped burnt alive

Teenager burnt alive in Bihar village A teenager, who was the main witness in his mother’s rape case, was burnt alive in Nawada district Sunday, police said May 14 15:10:21, 2012 Patna. Agencies Chintu Kumar, 17, was set on fire… Continue Reading →

Cartoons All! Politicians and Self-Seekers

MAY 14, 2012 tags: Ambedkar cartoon, NCERT textbooks by Aditya Nigam The uproar over what is being referred to as the ‘Ambedkar cartoon’ in the class XI textbook prepared by NCERT first began over a month ago, that is to say, almost six… Continue Reading →

An Urgent Appeal to the Conscience of Nation on Koodankulam

  Dear Fellow Citizens of India, On the occasion of our Parliament, the pinnacle of democratic governance, celebrating its 60th anniversary, our hard earned democracy is being ruthlessly repressed and violently suppressed. Within the accelerated race towards ‘destructive development’ and… Continue Reading →

Immediate Release- India: Hold Police to Account for Sexual and Other Assaults- HRW

India: Hold Police to Account for Sexual and Other Assaults Attacks Show Need for Better Government Response (Mumbai, May 14, 2012) – Indian officials need to immediately open transparent and impartial criminal investigations into recent cases where police have assaulted women, Human Rights Watch said today. Human Rights Watch called on the government of India to overhaul its policies and response to women,… Continue Reading →

Brahmin sperm in high demand among childless couples # WTFnews

Mansi Choksi & Sharmila Ganesan Ram, TNN | May 13, 2012 MUMBAI: Dr Aniruddh Malpani, an infertility expert in Mumbai, often invokes playwright George Bernard Shaw‘s conversation with French actress Sarah Bernhardt when inundated with elitist requests from couples seeking sperm donors. “Just think Monsieur… a… Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day Proclamation – demand for disarmament and peace

The First Mother’s Day proclaimed in 1870 by Julia Ward Howe was a passionate demand for disarmament and peace. Arise, then, women of this day! Arise, all women who have hearts, whether your baptism be that of water or tears!… Continue Reading →

Monsanto’s Deep Roots In Washington

By Russ Choma   It’s planting season, which brings to mind one of the most ubiquitous names in agribusiness: Monsanto.  Love it or hate it — and there are plenty of people on either side — the company controls much of… Continue Reading →

Ambedkar Cartoon Debate: A Perspective

  Ambedkar Cartoon Debate: A Perspective   A raging controversy has erupted over a 1949 cartoon of Ambedkar and Nehru in a NCERT political science textbook, leading to an uproar in Parliament, and an announcement by the HRD Minister that the… Continue Reading →

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