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A ten-year-old Indian school girl’s Nuclear Nightmare

Down To Earth Author(s): Latha Jishnu Date: Apr 5, 2012 Varshini, 10, speaks for a new generation that is against nuclear energy Varshini, a fifth standard student, has a question for the prime minister. Why does he want to expose… Continue Reading →

Why Nuclear Power Is Not the Answer to Global Warming

AlterNet / By Christian Parenti There is no “nuclear renaissance” and there won’t be: it just doesn’t make sense economically. April 4, 2012 Despite the triple meltdown at Fukushima—which has driven tens of thousands of Japanese from their homes, cast… Continue Reading →

Living in a nuclear hell

By Charles Stratford , Aljazeera The town of Muslymovo has to be one of the saddest places on earth. The thousands of people who have little choice but to live here, on the banks of the Techa river not far… Continue Reading →

“Anonymous takes down Modi” – Time Poll 2012 to 6th position, HOW ?

If we reduce No votes from Yes Votes , Modi came down to 6th Position now  Narendra Modi recieved  More No Votes than Yes votes today is last day of poll, April 6th 2012. Anonymous is a world wide community… Continue Reading →

For Immeditae Release- Juveniles attempt to commit suicide in Karnataka

Date: 05 April 2012 PRESS RELEASE Karnataka: Juveniles attempt to commit suicide – administration of juvenile justice remains deplorable NEW DELHI: The Asian Centre for Human Rights (ACHR) in its report, “The State of Juvenile Justice in Karnataka” (, released… Continue Reading →

448 mining trade licences suspended for 15 days

TNN Apr 4, 2012 PANAJI: The mines and geology department on Tuesday suspended more than 448 mining trade licences for the next 15 days pending verification of documents. Director of mines Prasanna Acharya said, “After consulting with advocate general Atmaram Nadkarni on the… Continue Reading →

How India Turned Me Into a Feminist- aussiegirlinindia

 by—aussiegirlinindia I have a confession to make, I am a feminist. Nine months traveling through India has made me a feminist and this is me coming out of the closet. I have always considered myself to be egalitarian, striving for… Continue Reading →

FIR being filed against every shopkeeper who does not open his shop in Koondakulum

Idinthakarai Update April 5, 2012 On April 4 morning a police constable by the name Mr. Murugesan from Avaraikulam village beat up one Mr. Pathira Pandi from Koodankulam claiming the latter had asked the local shopkeepers to close their shops… Continue Reading →

One day to Vote for CM no 1, Vote for most developed State

  Gujarat-The growth engine of India-a myth GSDP increase at current prices in six years (2004-05 to 2009-10) Sr.No. Name of State GSDP 1 Uttrakhand 250.65 % 2 Chhatishgadh 229.46 % 3 Haryana 226.91 % 4 Bihar 225.31 % 5 Maharashtra 217.80… Continue Reading →

Kerala: Woman devotee? Sorry, no entry

 Ibnlive, Thiruvananthapuram: In Jammu‘s Sree Krishna temple, all rituals, including offering of daily prayers, are performed by women priests. The temple, also known as ‘Baion ka Mandir,’ is maintained by the distaff side which is proud to spread the message of… Continue Reading →

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