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How Australian Professors Reacted To IIT Entrance Exam

“If it’s not at all intimidating to you, you are a pretty impressive student,” says Dr James Hutchison Dr James Hutchison was one of the six professors interviewed for the video. HIGHLIGHTS A YouTuber interviewed six Australian professors for a… Continue Reading →

In MP, Police Imprison Victims Of Cow-Related Attack, Attackers Free

ATMAN MEHTA  JULY 9, 2019 Mumbai: In the week Madhya Pradesh (MP) chief minister Kamal Nath intended a law to prosecute cow vigilantism–the first in India–a Bajrang Dal mob attacked 25 men for “illegally” transporting cattle, chained them together, abused them while… Continue Reading →

Students win case against Anand Institute of International Studies

Jehangir B Gai Anand Institute of International Studies had advertised its courses for foreign degrees with employment guarantee. Students who took admission found that there was no infrastructure, no competent teacher, and no library. Nothing was taught except English. On… Continue Reading →

ACTION ALERT – Eviction attempt and firing on tribals, 4 injured, fields destroyed

By- Jagrit Adivasi Dalit Sangathan Even as the govt of MP  has decided to re examine all rejected (and hopefully, pending) FRA claims, the threat to these claimants continues. Yesterday,  on 09.07.2019, around 9-10 am the forest officials   accompanied by… Continue Reading →

Delhi – Big Brother In School #RightToPrivacy

Delhi government’s move to install CCTVs in classrooms is an ill-thought out idea. Written by Sanjay Srivastava | The writer is a sociologist Over the past few years, the AAP government in Delhi has made commendable efforts in tackling one of the… Continue Reading →

Vigilantism 2.0 and Modi Sarkar 2.0

How do we assess Vigilantism 2.0 against the backdrop of Modi Sarkar 2.0? The first aspect in the Ansari killing was that, in contrast to that of Akhlaq, it did not involve beef. by Pamela Philipose | The lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq… Continue Reading →

Campaign ‘victory’: Bihar considers ban on asbestos, carcinogenic to humans

Tuesday, July 09, 2019 In a major victory for anti-asbestos campaigners, the Bihar government has said that it is considering an immediate ban on use of asbestos&based products of all kinds in the state. Speaking in the state assembly, Bihar… Continue Reading →

Lack of representation: Indian Muslims may end up as ‘new political untouchables’

By Basant Rawat*, Kausharali Saiyed**, Sandeep Pandey**Indian Muslims are a deprived community with very low participation in the functioning of the world’s largest parliamentary democracy. This despite the fact that followers of Islam in India are the single largest minority… Continue Reading →

Pragya Thakur and what it means to be Hindu today

(Disclaimer: Written as an atheist born in a savarna Hindu family – you may leave it behind but it will never leave you.) by- Rama Srinivasan Pragya Thakur represents 5000 years of the glorious Hindu Civilisation. Our Prime Minister believed so at… Continue Reading →

Appeal to the BJP Government: Stop Attacking The Rights of Tribals and Forest Dwellers

To: Shri Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India New Delhi Subject: Attack on tribals and forest dwellers by Central government Dear Shri Modiji, We are writing to express our deep concern at the active attempt to attack the rights of… Continue Reading →

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