Poem credited to PM Modi by Bhakts is Fake News

by R D Tailang

No, This is Wrong Information BJP..

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When I wrote this poem to be recited by the host of KBC – Amitabh Bachchan in the last season, l was clear, the poem may be on a show but it is the poem for aam aadmi .

A poem that he or she can identify with in their daily struggle in life. That aam aadmi be anyone from anywhere and from any sphere of the globe.

And if our country’s Pradhan sevak identifies with the KBC poem written by another aam aadmi so much so that his party decides to use it for his political campaign…

But their basic information is totally WRONG..

they are claiming it to be originally written in Gujarati by Modi Ji.

this is complete incorrect information… the fact cannot be changed…

this poem was is and will remain a rendition by Mr Bachchan and words by yours truly for all the viewers of KBC…

Ab yeh haqeeqat daalne se…
Tum mujhko kab tak rokoge….

(Note : Do not paint this wall with your political ideologies)