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Meeting (on water supply) in Arjun Nagar, New Delhi. (Photo credit: New Delhices)


New Delhi:  Aam Aadmi Party leader Somnath Bharti has said that he will file a PIL to reveal all the cases. Bharti was speaking in the context of Digvijay Singh‘s acknowledgment of his relationship with a television journalist, Amrita Rai.
He knew many such relations, if he doesn’t expose on his own, I will file a after the election gets over for him to reveal all such cases.
He alleged that BJP leader Arun Jaitley had earlier said that a characterless politician is the most dangerous weapon in the hands of enemies to the nation and hence he knew about ‘such cases’. He said that he will file a PIL in public court asking him to reveal all such cases.
Terming the relationship as ‘disgusting’ and ‘dangerous’ he said-
It’s disgusting n dangerous @digvijaya_28 in affair with 43 yr old married woman and TV anchor @amrritarai, how many such politicians r there?
He also said that a ‘characterless politician is the most dangerous weapon in the hands of the enemy. He said that a politician possesses lots of secret information that can be misused, if he indulges in ‘immoral’ activities.
A politician when in power gets 2 much of authority in hand, lacs of crores worth of contracts get decided by him, secret info he possesses.
Citizens, other than politicians, can have leisure of getting into such relationships but not a politician for reasons stated earlier.
He cited the example of former US President Bill Clinton and his affair with the White House intern Monica Lewinsky.
As an ordinary citizen one has more freedom than someone who gets into politics, recall what Bill Clinton had to go through for Monica issue.
There was one Pamella Bordes in UK who had got many Politicians there trapped and country’s many secret info was compromised. Plz think.
Friends, plz understand that a politician has to live a very stricter life, morally, than an ordinary citizen for reasons as stated earlier.
Friends who r siding w @digvijaya_28 ji, plz understand that he has violated law as well of adultery and don’t know when this affair started.
AAP as a party doesn’t accept any1 in its fold unless s/he is found to possess character, honesty and integrity to say the least.
Read more here — http://mdaily.bhaskar.com/article/referer/4444/t/320/NAT-TOP-expose-king-somnath-bharti-threatens-to-file-pil-to-reveal-the-disgusting-and-da-4598401-NOR.html




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