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Disclosure – Rebels admit gas attack result of mishandling chemical weapons

  Several bodies being buried in Damascus due to the last week’s chemical attack-AP Photo/Shaam News Network-Image used in accordance with fair use copyright laws for news reporting Joseph ParkerDothan Christianity Examiner   In a report that is sure to… Continue Reading →

The US Wants Syrian Oil, Not Democracy

    By Carl Gibson, Reader Supported News   18 June 13       “… the Persian Gulf, the critical oil and natural gas-producing region that we fought so many wars to try and protect our economy from the… Continue Reading →

The Facts – Crash course genocidal Israel

There is a 130 year long record of religious Jewish opposition against the zionist scheme | Source Neturei Karta The sole one starting terrorism in the middle east is Israel, King David Bombing  July 1946, before any state of “Israel” was founded at… Continue Reading →

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