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Myanmar censors publication of magazines #Censorship

    By Associated Press, YANGON, Myanmar — Myanmar’s censors have suspended two weekly magazines indefinitely in the latest confrontation between the government and the newly aggressive press. The Press Scrutiny Board informed Voice Weekly and Envoy editors Tuesday that… Continue Reading →

Rohingya Muslims: A brief history of centuries-long persecution

  By Syed Zubair Ahmad, Two circles. net The recent ethnic clashes between the Rohingya Muslims and the Buddhist community in the Rakhine (or Arakan) province of Myanmar have attracted global attention though late – the latest is the UN’s… Continue Reading →

Statement by Pakistani civil society on Human Rights violation in Myanmar

  Recent weeks have witnessed horrific events in Myanmar. Mobs have targeted the Rohingya population, resulting in the brutal murder of scores of Rohingya and displacement of tens of thousands of children, women, and men. Appallingly, the Myanmar military leadership… Continue Reading →

Immediate Release- Indian activists ask PMO to sincerely engage with Burma

8 May 2012 Indian civil societies urge the Prime Minister of India to sincerely engage with Burma New Delhi: Today, Burma Centre Delhi submitted a memorandum on behalf of Indian civil society groups to the Prime Minister of India, Dr…. Continue Reading →

Women ‘Invisible’ in Myanmar

Aung San Suu Kyi visits polling-stations in April Source: IPS: Roberto Tofani While Aung San Suu Kyi enjoys iconic status in Myanmar (also known as Burma), women remain invisible in this country steeped in Buddhist tradition and emerging from decades… Continue Reading →

AFSPA has to go: Human Rights Watch’s Kenneth Roth

Human Rights Watch executive director Kenneth Roth, who has headed several human rights investigations and missions around the world, was in Mumbai to address an Observer Research Foundation talk on ‘Human Rights in the Changing World Today.’Yogesh Pawar caught him on the sidelines of… Continue Reading →

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